Indies Crash E3: What is it?

Indies Crash E3 is a campaign dedicated to shining spotlight on some of the lesser known games at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). They feel that independent game developers don’t get the coverage they deserve and want to help get more indie games into E3. If they’re successful, then one of the year’s biggest events will begin to cater more towards indie games too.

Indies Crash E3 managed to bring ten independent game developers back in 2013. They arranged interviews for them with several gaming news outlets, including but not limited to the now defunct Joystiq, ScrewAttack, PC Gamer, Game Informer and many more—1,000,000 page views in three and a half weeks. This year they’re hoping to put Indies Crash E3 on the map, and they need all the help they can get. Their Kickstarter—that’s been running throughout March, seeks to help them do this. The more that they raise, the more developers they can bring with them to E3. Indies Crash E3 plan to let fans nominate their favorite developers out of a chosen pool that will go to E3.98f246ec9d199984ab6109ec1b2efae4_original
When Indies Crash E3 makes it to the big show this year they will help with acquiring major influential connections within the industry, discussing their games with the convention attendees and holding scheduled interviews with various gaming news outlets. At the 2013 Indies Crash, they apparently received an outpouring from fans, showing their support and thanks. For many of the developers, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and they have been told that Indie Crash E3’s exposure made a huge difference for them.

So what are they doing with the Kickstarter funds? The primary use of the campaign is buy passes for E3. The more finances that they raise, obviously the more development teams they can bring with them. If the kickstarter reaches its Stretch goal of $10,000, then Indies Crash E3 can acquire a booth for the indie developers, which grants them even more passes.

Indies Crash E3 has already surpassed their initial goal. They have learned from the 2013 experience and have already worked out any problems with potential snags in setup and management of the campaign. They have been in touch with E3 event staff and have promised that their efforts this year will be even better than before.  The Kickstarter campaign will end by April 3, so there’s only a couple of days to show your support. Help them out!

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