Snapshots Episode 5 – Eric “Snip3down” Wrona

This is episode 5 of the Snapshots interview series hosted by Dave Throop with Eric “Snip3down” Wrona.

Eric “Snip3down” Wrona is a professional Halo player in the Halo Championship Series for team Evil Geniuses. He has been one of the biggest names in competitive Halo since his breakout year in 2008 where he became a star player in Major League Gaming with Str8 Rippin. Renowned for his ability to use the sniper rifle, he is regarded as one of the most individually skilled players in the game. In this interview, Snip3down reflects on his entire career, beginning with his legendary breakout onto the scene all the way up to the recent domination he and Evil Geniuses have shown in the HCS. He goes into great detail about his 2008 season, discussing being dropped from Instinct after finishing second. He also reveals why he left Triggers Down after winning his first major tournament. He then speaks about the darker point in his career where he was unable to find the same level of success he had become accustomed to; he reflects on why it happened and offers his thoughts on how he can avoid it in the future. Snip3down also discusses his time with Evil Geniuses and why he believes they have been so successful and will continue to be in the future.

Snip3down discusses more than just his career. In this interview, he touches on how he personally approaches Halo, self-improvement, and the upcoming season of the HCS. As usual, timestamps are included below in case only some portions of the interview appeal to you.

0:00 Intro to gaming and Halo
3:20 First Event – Meadows 2008
9:30 Instinct – San Diego 2008 – Getting Dropped
15:30 Triggers Down – Orlando – Why leave?
23:42 Hysteria – Maturity and Communication
28:07 Joining Str8 Rippin – Toronto
30:53 Soviet
32:45 Remainder of 2008 – What Made Str8 so good?
38:46 Str8 2009
44:44 Dropping Elamite – Enjoying the Game – Teams that almost got made for 2010 – Str8 2010
50:52 The Dark Years 2010-2011 – Attitude – Self Reflection – Halo:Reach
57:35 Halo 4 – Dropping APG – Talking Trash
1:03:15 Recent Success – Halo 2 Anniversary
1:07:46 Evil Geniuses – Lethul – PAX
1:15:17 Season 2 Roster Changes – Who poses a threat? Top contenders – How can EG lose?
1:20:16 Forge Maps / Map Rotation
1:22:12 How do you approach the game? Positioning – Lunchbox and Roy
1:28:29 How did you get so good at sniping? Approach to sniping
1:32:07 Bleedthrough
1:33:27 Anybody you’ve wanted to team with that you never have?
1:34:39 Gap between HCS Season 2 and Halo 5
1:36:40 Building the Snipedown brand – helping halo grow
1:39:50 Favorite team / tournament / map and gametype / teammate
1:44:40 Best player ever and top 10 H2A players
1:47:38 Into other esports?
1:49:38 Build a team that can beat EG
1:51:16 Shoutouts / Closing

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