The Best of 2015’s April Fools

It’s that fantastically paradoxical time of the year again: April 1st, aptly named April Fools. A date when every company that has a presence on the Internet gets in the spirit of the prankster and either gets it right, or so very, very wrong. How did we fare this year? The Best of 2015’s April Fools:

  • ThinkGeek posted a faux catalog of items, including a literal “Steam machine” and Game of Thrones Clue



league of legends

dying light




  • “announced” Battle for Middle-Earth III, which is less funny and more of a cruel, cruel tease



Think I missed anything? Find something less amusing than I did? Let me know in the comments! Make sure to keep up with APGNation on Twitter at @APGNation, and don’t forget to check out our April Fools video.

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