Gaming on a Budget 4/2/2015 Edition

We’re all over the shop this week on Gaming on a Budget. Lots of great deals this month, and unfortunately we couldn’t fit them all in. Here’s just a few of some fantastic titles—some of which redefined a genre, and other underrated gems that suffered from their pedigree.

GuruminIf you enjoy cute, colourful, unique, and original Japanese roleplaying games, this title might tickle your fancy. Gurumin tells the story of a young girl, Parin, who lives with her grandfather in a mining village. The village is threatened by malevolent (but still adorable looking) creatures called phantoms. Parin fills in for her grandfather, using his knowledge and tools to fight for her village and a nearby village filled with not-so-normal neighbors. She discovers things about her family and with the help of the unusual neighbors fights to protect both.

The gameplay for Gurumin is actually quite in-depth despite its harmless demeanor. The game looks friendly, but the combat is actually surprisingly difficult. You’ll need to toggle your Drill’s upgrades and abilities – learning new control combinations along the way – in order to fell all sorts of beasts and bosses. The set-pieces are unique and look just breathtaking. I played it initially on the PSP, and it looks like the PC port has done a brilliant job of bringing it to the new generation while retaining its cutesy aesthetic and its tight controls. With multiple endings, several difficulties, control improvements – and the ability to use the keyboard – this looks like the definitive edition of the game, and it’s a steal at only $8.99 on Steam

oddworld-new-n-tasty-1508x706_cPerhaps you long for the old brutal days when games like Wild 9, Heart of Darkness, and Discworld Noir reigned supreme and frustrated us to no end? Do you own a PS4? Well, Just Add Water Studios recently released Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty on PSN. This is a re-imagining of the classic Abe’s Odyssey on the PSX.  The scenes have been removed, streamlining the game, and some areas have been slightly altered to make this work better. While there are some differences with Abe’s abilities – his health and some of the levels, to name a few – the game flawlessly captures the Oddworld feel. The graphics have been majorly overhauled, there’s a quicksave button, and Abe’s ride along Elum is just as frustrating to command as ever—at least it was until I recalled you can hold the button down to make him jump consecutively.

Abe is just a lowly Mudokan working for a food processing plant. The profits are down and Abe stumbles upon something he shouldn’t have seen—the bigwigs are going to turn his kind into food! He has to escape and help his friends, being careful not to blow himself or them up. He will learn about the mythology of the Shrykull as he fights against the flora and fauna of Oddworld, as well as minions of Rupture Farms. The game is currently completely free for Playstation Plus members, and quite frankly is worth the monthly subscription by itself.

CvaniaCastlevania: Mirror of Fate HD is a game that feels slightly out of place. Acting as the segue from Castlevania: Lord of Shadows into Lord of Shadows 2, the game was substantially better than either. It feels like it shouldn’t be part of the Lord of Shadows saga, as it is genuinely enjoyable. You play as Trevor Belmont, searching for your brother Gabriel—the protagonist from Lords of Shadow. As you discover what has happened to him, you begin piecing together the events of the first game. You must discover how his brother became the new Dracula, and eventually confront him.

With gameplay similar to the classic exploratory titles like Super Metroid and Symphony of The Night, there are secrets to find, upgrades to locate, a level up system of sorts, as well as a scaled down and refined combat system borrowed from Lord of Shadows. The annoying quick time events are gone, and the graphics have been overhauled. There’s no 3D, but it’s a small price to pay ultimately. Sadly, while the game is quite enjoyable and captures the ‘Vania’ spirit, it’s a shame that it was included in an overall lackluster saga – Mirror of Fate HD is easily the best Castlevania title released in years. It’s currently available for 50% off at $7.49 on Steam, and if you miss old-school Castlevania, give it a try. The sale ends today.

headerEver wanted to be a Ghostbuster? As the unofficial fifth member of the team, you will accompany the Ghostbusters through some of their most iconic battles against the Stay Puft marshmallow man, the librarian, Slimer and many other fan favorites from the series. You’ll be able to hunt down the ghosts using an ectometer—a scanner of sorts that catalogs the nasty beasties you’ll encounter. With several hours of voice dialogue recorded by the original cast, there will never be another Ghostbusters game like this released.

You truly become a Ghostbuster. You’ll need to decided whether crossing the streams is smart, you’ll battle all sorts of inter-dimensional entities, cataloging them and supporting your team as you trudge through all sorts of set pieces. Different demonic planes, libraries, sewers, skyscrapers, hotels – you name it, and it’s in the game. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the Ghostbusters series and wanted another film. This is as close as we are ever going to get, and quite frankly I’m okay with that. The game is on sale on Steam for only $2.99 until April 6. Give it a go.

That is it for this week. I really do urge you to give Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD a go. It’s better than most reviews gave it. Follow us on Twitter.

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