Kingdom Come: Deliverance Delayed and 0.4 Alpha Update Coming

The new Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha 0.3 introduces several new elements. Daniel Vavra spoke about lock-picking in the game’s last video update, and the game-play intricacies of it. We also have some new information regarding the next update 0.4 to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha 0.3 introduces several new elements, including quests, voice overs—temporary and no face animations just yet, as well as user interface and map fixes. It also features a lock-picking mini-game.

Kingdome comeVavra stated in the video that with the new quest they have done preliminary voice overs. The reason the voice-overs are preliminary is because they’ve been done quickly, with only three actors, and will be temporary, according to Vavra. It’s not the final quality the developers want to achieve, but Vavra feels it’s pretty good already and the quest is better with the voice overs than just having the text. The clip shown in the quest video shows that Kingdom Come: Deliverance still in basic stages, with no facial animations added, or professional voice acting. Daniel explained that the voice overs were just a side effect of the developers experimenting with cut-scenes and lip-synch required for the final game’s release. They not only did the motion capture for the alpha release but also in preparation for the final game. Daniel also expressed his concerns over the amount of profanity and rough, crude dialogue he’d like in that game. Warhorse has decided to go as far as they want with the dialogue, and said that fans can expect “pretty wild stuff”.

The new quest has a primary focus on lock-picking, helping the village bailiff find his keys, or pick the locks for him. It appears to be a tutorial mission on how to lock-pick within the game, however  Vavra said there’s be other solutions to the quest and compared the lock-picking system to the latest Thief title. He described some of the different type of doors and locks that would be present in kingdom come and explained how accuracy was difficult to achieve compared to a real lock from that time period. He also went a little more in-depth discussing the stealth system and noise factors.

Kingdome come2The in-game economy was brushed on slightly, discussing the marketplace as well as minor tweaks required for alchemy. Perception for NPC’s has been included as well, though it’s not noticeable visible in the Alpha release, according to Vavra. Non-playable characters will track your movements and keep an eye on you, when you are nearby, acknowledging you with their staring. This new addition isn’t implemented into the stealth currently, but there are plans for them to utilise it for that aspect.
Daniel said that the upcoming 0.4 Alpha update will likely be released during E3 or sometime near E3, and due to the increase in production time, it is going to be a big one. Vavra stated the update will be large and include most of the in-game mechanics and key features such as combat, horse riding, stealth. The environment will be bigger and there will be yet another village as well as another much larger quest. There’s a good chance it will include voice-overs, and cut-scenes. Vavra feels it will be worth the wait for fans of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Warhorse will be present at E3 and he hopes it will be unveiled there before a number of smaller updates will be available in Summer, in September and then the Beta will be released.

For the Beta, Warhorse plans to borrow the idea from the Wasteland 2.1 update, with it encompassing roughly only the first quarter of the game—about 20% of the gameplay. They plan to release it via Steam in the early access program, so every Knight Tier or higher backer will receive it as normal, and others can purchase the early access. Vavra clarified that this was the plan and was quite possibly subject to change. It’s what he’d like to do however. Vavra also brought bad news, mentioning the game will not be released by the end of 2015 as previously stated. Warhorse need more time and the game is likely to be finished roughly halfway through 2016 with Vavra citing the quests as taking the most time—including about 100 quests in the game. The developers were also caught by surprise, due to unforeseen circumstance—of which Vavra did not elaborate. He apologised profusely and said he doesn’t want to rush the game, instead choosing quality over shorter development time.

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