OpTic NaDeSHot Announces Partial Retirement From Call of Duty eSports

Michael Jordan, Roger Clemens and Magic Johnson all have something in common: all three took a leave of absence from the sport they competed in, and all three returned to dominate in their respective sport. In a recent YouTube video, Matthew Haag – known as NaDeSHot – alongside owner and founder of OpTicGaming Hector Rodriguez, announced that he will be stepping away from competitive Call of Duty eSports. This comes as a surprise not only to his 1.7 million subscribers, but also to those in the CoD eSports community, even though some within OpTicGaming have speculated this decision was coming soon.

Hector explained that 6 months ago, NaDeSHot expressed his thoughts on taking a break from competitive CoD eSports, but the team ultimately convinced him to “stick it out” and “not listen” to the negative people. NaDeSHot states that throughout this time he was “playing to not lose”, but not really “playing to win” — he was exhausted with reading all the negative feedback from the community after any loss on Twitter and his YouTube channel. He felt if the team was not winning, then his support wavers. He also expressed his feelings that he’s the “scapegoat” for the team’s underperformance at tournaments — winning only 3 out of the last 5 events.

NaDeSHot and Hector also announced that he is now the partial owner of OpTicGaming. Hector explained that the decision was an easy one, because of how integral NaDeSHot was to OpTicGaming’s growth. Hector explained that NaDeSHot will help expand the vision of the organization and help grow the audience within the CoD community. In his new role, Hector has helped NaDeSHot see everything from the perspective of a manager, ultimately contributing to his decision to step down from competitive CoD eSports stating, “My passion to win just wasn’t high enough to compete at this level”. He will now help OpTicGaming find his replacement — someone who he believes has the “drive to win”.

NaDeSHot shed light on the next chapter in his life, expressing his desire to begin actively pursuing more things he’s “passionate about”. He’s not completely leaving his fans behind, and has promised his followers that he will now upload more videos and stream more often, mentioning the launch of his Minecraft series, H1Z1, and possible daily vlogs. NaDeSHot is not leaving the competitive eSports scene entirely — he will continue to compete in Search and Destroy tournaments held by UMG, sounding optimistic about all the possibilities he now has, and stated he’s confident he will return at some point. NaDeSHot’s unexpected leave of absence has many eSports fans eager to find out if he will join the elite athletes above who have come back to dominate their sport.

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