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Today Twitch announced a boatload of information concerning Twitchcon, their upcoming celebration of all things streaming which will storm San Franciso from September 2526 at the Moscone West convention center. First up, we’ve got pricing for the convention’s tickets, which go on sale April 10th, for each day of the weekend. Loyal Twitch users can buy a pass for either day or, should they feel up to it, both. Those who reserve their slot for the convention now will receive a special early bird discount. In addition, Twitch will also give convention goers the chance to buy into after-party on Saturday night for a few dollars more.


Pricing for the event can be found below:

●      Friday, September 25 pass: $50.00 USD (Early bird price: $45.00)

●      Saturday, September 26 pass: $60.00 USD (Early bird price: $55.00)

●      2-Day pass: $85.00 USD (Early bird price: $75.00)

●      Saturday after party for badge holders: $25.00 USD

For that money, Twitchcon delivers with a host of unique programming and events featuring both industry professionals, including a host of Twitch personalities and other famous types, and panels put together by fans for fans. For a closer look, make sure to glue your eyes a bit down the page for a partial list of all the exciting events you’ll see at Twitchcon 2015.

●      Panel Rooms: A diverse selection of community- and staff-driven panels geared toward educating and entertaining attendees

●      Interactive events with top Twitch Partners

●      Among hundreds in attendance, many of Twitch’s most popular personalities will be taking part in various convention activities. The first dozen being revealed are itmeJP, iijeriichoii, OMGitsFirefoxx, PokerStaples, Nightblue3, Towelliee, eg_jwong, ApproachingNirvana, Cirno_tv, Reynad27, Summit1g, and TimTheTatman. In the weeks ahead, more participating top broadcast Partners will be announced on Twitch Weekly and at

●      Keynote from Twitch CEO Emmett Shear

●      Exclusive Twitch merchandise available only at the show

Fans that want to submit a panel of their own for the convention will be able to do so at starting on April 10th. You can also keep up with all the latest Twitchcon news at their twitter feed @twitchcon or our feed, @APGnation.

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