Kickstarter Spotlight: Stellar

This week on the Kickstarter Spotlight, we feature a game that was originally shown off at PAX South in San Antonio earlier this year. It immediately stood out as possessing a lot of potential and, frankly, stood out among some of the other indie space games out there. Dog Eat Dog Games’ Stellar is on the docket.

So is it 2D or 3D?

Kickstarter has no shortage of space shooters. Some of them are twin-stick and others are ambitious in their scope. Roguelike is a word that is, well, used a lot in game descriptions over on the crowd funding portal. Same with “procedurally generated”. It is interesting that a game like Stellar still manages to stand out from the crowd of potential “samey” feeling shooters despite having a far more reasonable goal in mind.

The big hook here? Shifting dimensions. Exploration tends to be focused on a 3D environment while combat can be flipped to a 2D perspective that is reminiscent of any number of shoot ’em ups out there. Different enemies will require variable approaches and will task the player with toggling between 2D and 3D on the fly.

Kickstarter spotlight

If Looks Could Kill

The top-down 2D combat not only looks taut and tense but feels a lot like some of the 16-bit greats from the days of yore. There’s some Gradius meets Race the Sun here in regards to presentation and seeing the game in action back in January (even in its rough form then) showed it had serious potential. The clean shapes and presentation make for a great looking game that feels rooted in decidedly old school fundamentals.

There are some nice touches present with the health meters that oscillate to the music and future rewards planned for differing shapes to represent your in-game HUD that will respond to the in-game music accordingly. Solid mechanics meets crisp presentation should make for an interesting release come 2016.

Kickstarter spotlight

Sick Space Jams

The five-man team over at Dog Eat Dog Games, hailing from Albuquerque, already have two other games under their belt. Sticky is a puzzle game that changes depending on the music played (including whatever tracks the player has in their .MP3 playlist) and Vivo, a spherical shooter for mobile that also makes use of music heavily. The emphasis on music in all three games thus far adds a unique wrinkle to the mix. Stellar‘s music will work heavily into the game with a “bass line that fades in when you are close to enemies, and fades out when you’re in the “safe” regions of empty space.” It is a nice way to further immerse players in this diverse roguelike shooter.

Those interested in checking out Stellar hit up their Kickstarter page. Their goal is modest at only $10,000 and they have over 25 days left to go. Some of the Reward tiers include Early Access for backers, special DLC, music packs, naming rights, design opportunities and more. Closed beta will begin in May. look to release in 2016 on PC.

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