Star Wars Battlefront Returns This November

Star Wars Battlefront has received a release date as of today. For those excited Star Wars fans, the new Battlefront title will be launching on November 17.

Lucasfilm and EA have announced the release date for Star Wars Battlefront. The news, broken via press release, informed fans that Battlefront will start rolling out with November 17 being the North American and November 19 being the European release. The first full-length trailer for this anticipated title was premiered to fans at the Star Wars Celebration. The celebration was a convention for fans of the Star Wars series to get together and see behind the scenes of the films, learn more about the franchise and dress up as their favourite characters. The new Star Wars Battlefront trailer was shown to attendees from April 16-19.

The trailer shows what looks to be a forest area on the planet of Endor and boasts that the graphics for this entire scene have not been pre-rendered and are in fact presented using the in-game Frostbite engine. Speeder bikes whizz past in true Star Wars fashion and then explode in a haze of sparks and smoke. Rebel forces mobilise on foot and start pushing up against their enemies in true guerilla fashion.

A Stormtrooper falls to the ground thanks to an expert shot from a Rebel battle rifle. More Stormtroopers start to tail the Rebels on speeder bikes, keeping pace in some sort of breakneck version of hide and go seek—weaving in an out of fallen trees and bushes. Another trooper goes down, his speeder bike hitting the ground thanks to another Rebel soldier’s blaster shot.

An AT-T Walker emerges and the squad looks like they’re in trouble. A portable shield is deployed and air support takes it out with one well-placed missile. One down, but there’s still more to go. An air-strike is called upon and deploys its payload on top of the walker. The walker falls to the ground. Is the ordeal over? Perhaps not.

Star Wars Battlefront promises to deliver an authentic, immersive experience and claims to have photo-realistic visuals (thanks to the use of photogrammetry and extensive access to the Lucasfilm vaults) and action situations in well-known Star Wars locales. It looks similar to the iconic first game in the series. The initial reveal from the trailer to the panel that followed also indicated that players can choose from first or third-person perspective to play through Battlefront. Online will be the focus and no true single-player campaign as other DICE games have had in the past. Co-operative play along with offline solo instances of “big moments” in the Star Wars timeline with varying degrees of difficulty are on offer as well. Battlefront will cover the original trilogy and not the prequels or the coming trilogy that fires up this December. There will, however, be a lead-in to the prequel as DLC via the Battle of Jakku. Remember that crashed Star Destroyer on that desert planet in the latest teaser? Now players will know, prior to Episode 7’s release, just how it got there. It’s been a decade in the making but Battlefront returns November 17th.

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