Indie Spotlight: Rustbucket Rumble

Recently we here at APGNation were contacted by Reactor Zero, the development team of the upcoming sidescrolling team-based arena shooter, Rustbucket Rumble. This will be Reactor Zero’s first release, with the development team lead by Matt Toschlog, best known for being the co-creator of the classic title, Descent.


Rustbucket Rumble takes place many years after humanity has given up on the planet Earth and traveled to distance galaxies. Two groups of robots built by rival companies, the machines of  Robotic Engineering Depot (RED) endlessly fight against the Blucom Discarded Plastics and Metals are all that remains. Each team of robots uses the scrap from the bodies of destroyed enemies to build El Rey Gigante Robo Jr., a massive robot used to destroy the opponents base.

Matches take place on a side-scrolling arena, where players form teams of three and select one of six classes to play, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities. Killing an opponent leaves a pile of scrap on the ground  which players then collect and return back to their home base. The team that collects enough scrap builds and brings forth El Gigante Robo Jr. which lays waste to the opponent’s base and, thus, claiming victory.

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Rustbucket Rumble features class combat system in a competitive three on three online team setting. Each class has unique abilities, such as the bot Daisy (Engineer Model QT-3.14), who can construct turrets and use drones to deliver scrap back to base. Valentina, the sniper bot makes use of a long range rifle to pick off enemies from afar and uses an extending grabbing claw to yank scrap closer for delivery. Maverick (DNGR-Z0N) utilizes a jetpack to zip around the map, blasting enemies from the air using his rocket launcher. Each class has a unique playstyle for players to use to seize victory.

I personally think it’s an interesting design choice to have victory conditions be linked to a token form dropped by defeated opponents. This element should encourage teamwork and punish lone wolves that needlessly fling themselves at enemies, essentially feeding themselves to the opposing team. It should be very interesting to see the balance of gameplay in action.

Rustbucket Rumble  is currently in open beta, and gamers can join right now to enjoy the game as it’s fine tuned for release in May of this year.

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