Gaming on a Budget 4/23/2015 Edition

This week is kind of crazy. There have been huge discounts on PSN with arcade fighters, while the news buzzing about Star Wars Battlefront has caused GoG to have a sale on Star Wars titles, so we have some great games  to show you this week on Gaming on a Budget.

Gaming on a Budget

Firstly we have a personal favorite. Soul Calibur II—well, the high definition version. Soul Calibur II was quite unique in that it not only provided a satisfying in depth combat system that was just a bit different to other fighters, but also borrowed aspects from roleplaying games. You could play an adventure mode of sorts that pitted you against varying opponents with specific qualifiers. These qualifiers would range from having only 1 hp to only being able to damage an enemy while they were blocking, and in some cases the only way to win involved knocking them out of the arena. These were far from the only challenges and completing certain events rewarded players with new characters, weapons, and even arenas. It was truly an awesome fun way to unlock everything, and no other game has done anything like it since. Rather unfortunate. You can own this superb, incredibly difficult brawler for PS3 on the PSN Store for only $5.99. The high definition version is definitely worth it and I’m honestly jealous I can’t get it in my country for that price. This offer is available until May 7.


MDK—short for Murder, Death Kill was a fun little third person shooter. Aliens have invaded Earth, and the local space station janitor is reluctantly decided upon as its protector. Armed with a chaingun that has unlimited ammo, and the experimental new coil suit, Kurt can repel bullets and blunt objects, and has a built-in parachute that becomes helpful in the airdrop levels. The gameplay of MDK was insanely wacky and zany with some really surreal moments of gameplay. It’s also quite difficult at times and is still considered a PC classic to this day. MDK also had a sequel, which brings us to—


MDK2 introduced some new elements to the third person formula of the series. All three characters became playable and Kurt reprised his role as the savior of mankind. While playing as Kurt was very similar to the first game bearing his chaingun, sniper rifle, and coil suit, the other two protagonists added a bit of extra flavor. Max the Dog’s gameplay was generally all out insane gunplay without the puzzle solving elements of the other two, while Dr. Hawkins saw no combat, focusing on puzzle solving and combining elements from the game to figure out all sorts of conundrums. This made MDK 2 a bit more interesting than just the standard third-person gunplay of Kurt’s levels. With three different endings, and a whacky plot picking up from where the first game left off, MDK2 was the more fun of the two in our opinion. Both of the above mentioned games in the MDK series are now available on Steam for only $7.49 and is available until April 27.

Jedi Knight.

Continuing the idea of old school shooters from way back we have the first game in the Jedi Knight Series. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II isn’t actually the first game in the series, but it is the first to bear the Jedi Knight name. Following on from Dark Forces, mercenary Kyle Katarn starts to learn more about himself and his family. He is gifted a lightsaber and through his journey, is charged with a series of moral decisions he must make in regards to the future of the Valley of the Jedi.

While the graphics aren’t great, the story and gameplay was top notch for its day and is still pretty satisfying nowadays. With several different endings, multiple force powers and clever hidden moral choices throughout, Jedi Knight is the game that started it all. Setting the precedent for a series that would only become better with age, Jedi Knight is the quintessential Star Wars title that every single fan must own. I also recommend every other Jedi Knight title in the series. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is available on for only $7.79.

Speaking of Star Wars titles, are you guys psyched for the new Battlefront? I’ve never been a fan, but I know everyone else at APG are on the hype train. We’re interested in your feedback. Feel free to comment here and follow us on Twitter to stay apprised of current events and content.


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