Dragon: A Game About A Dragon Lands on Steam April 24th

Dragon: A Game About a Dragon, from Games with Dragons In, tells the story of a Dragon named Dragon and his journey across a fantasy world populated by knights, greedy kings, and communist sheep. This unique platform game harkens back to graphical style of such classic games as Yoshi’s Island and some of the older entries in the Kirby series to form a unique experience that was hand drawn in crayon and ink and then scanned and animated frame by frame. This lends the game a lighthearted and cheerful appearance that matches well with its goofy story and loads of humor. All of this combines to form the basis of an adventure unique among modern games in the genre, well worth a look from anyone looking for a simple yet fun and compelling game.

In the field, Dragon can run, jump, and fly across various levels of play while collecting gold from fallen enemies that you can then use to enhance your attacks and other statistics. In addition, you’ll also gain new breath weapons and be able to breath not only the classic brand of dragon fire but also thunder and other elements as well. You’ll need those upgrades too, as difficult bosses, including the likes of magical super soldiers and a rampaging Marxist sheep herd, stand like a rock between you and completing a level.


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