#GGinDC meetup Disrupted by Investigation of Bomb Threat

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Last night a group of reportedly over 300 supporters of the consumer revolt, #gamergate gathered in Washington DC for drinks and festivities at the Local Sixteen bar. According to tweets and accounts of those that attended, festivities and fun continued well into the evening until about midnight when the gathering was evacuated due to an alleged bomb threat. The threat and evacuation were sadly unsurprising, as the venue had been receiving threats from the day before regarding hosting the event.



Notable #Gamergate opponent Arthur Chu was the most outspoken proponent of the venue banning the meeting, rallying supporters to contact the venue to encourage the rejection of the group. However, Chu chose an unfortunate choice of words in a tweet in which  he stated “it’s ending tonight”. This poor choice of words coupled with the very real threats voiced on Twitter give the impression that the threat was submitted by those that politically oppose the consumer revolt, or possibly third party trolls attempting to ignite controversy for the event.


One of the very real threats posted on Twitter regarding the event

According to posts on social media, at around midnight last night attendees were asked to step outside the bar due to a fire drill. However upon leaving the bar a large number of police were stationed outside with many more arriving. Rumors instantly started regarding the fire drill, that it had been staged, that someone had pulled a fire alarm (although there reportedly no alarm sounding at the venue). However, according to attendees officers had reported that they were investigating a possible threat. A bomb squad dog also allegedly made an appearance suggesting the threat was related to the bomb threat posted on Twitter earlier in the day. A Youtube video was posted today recording on-scene accounts of the issue as reported by attendees.


It appears that the controversy surrounding the consumer revolt known as #Gamergate continues the trend of threats and drama. However as the individual who called in the bomb threat to the event has yet to be identified, there is no way to know if the threat was submitted by those that oppose #gamergate, by #gamergate themselves or a third party troll.

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