Gaming on a Budget 5/7/2015 Edition

We’re all over the shop this week on Budget. We have a little bit of survival horror for you, a little bit of sci-fi and course one of the greatest Rainbow Six clones to ever grace the face of PC gaming. Let’s get into it.

Budget Article RepubCommando

When I first picked up this game a number of years ago, I somewhat expected it to be a mediocre first person tactical shooter. I certainly didn’t expect it to be the distant cousin of the Rainbow Six series. I didn’t expect an engaging story where the only letdown was the New Zealand voice acting from the Clone Wars film. The game-play, however, superb and brought the right level of challenge, never being too frustrating and never too easy. It took you into unique scenarios within the star wars universe, and you came to feel for Sev and the rest, fighting for their lives. Setback after setback wearing them down. It’s a shame we will probably never get a sequel as there were a lot of open-ended questions left unanswered, but it’s still worth it for only $5.36 on That price is an absolute steal for an incredible game like Republic Commando.

DeadIslandRipOn the way to perfecting the zombie-melee bashing horror that is Dying Light, Techland had a few hiccups. While Dead Island wasn’t initially well-received, Riptide fixed all of that. The guns were functional, combat was easier, perks were more fun and the co-operation was far tighter. Riptide takes place after the events of Dead Island, introducing one new character in the mix with the previous survivors. Unlike Dead Island, the plot was existent in this sequel, and it wasn’t half bad. With an ending that is both poetic and deserving of the series, Dead Island Riptide is a survival horror that every gore-fanatic needs to play at least once. With an intense amount of visceral visuals and most of the annoying fetch quests gone, Riptide improved upon its predecessor in every way. Steam currently has a sale on the entire Dead Island franchise, and you can pick up this gorey gem for just $4.99 or both Dead Island and Riptide for just one dollar more.
Go get em as this offer only lasts until May 8!


Outlast is an “Indie” in the truest sense of the word. Developed and Published by Red Barrels, it became and indie darling overnight, but it was so much more than that. Outlast showed that a team with a modest development budget could produce one of the creepiest psychological survival horror games of our time. The DLC followup, “Whistleblower” did just that, but provided some much-needed context the original title. Armed with just a video camera and some batteries you— as Waylon Park, the unknown informer working within the facility, must tell the world of horrific things he has witnessed and contributed too. The minimalist system of gameplay that works to great effect, Outlast and Whistleblower is a classic Horror game. That every survival horror fan needs to own, and it’s DLC was no exception. It’s now available on PSN for just $8.99—well worth the price, and it’s stand alone, so you don’t need the original Outlast to play it. If you haven’t played Outlast, I would, however, suggest you do so first before you play this.


This next one is a little bit more costly and a little bit rough around the edges; however, I found that for a fairly low-budget roleplaying title, Mars: War Logs was unique. Set on the red planet, water is the most precious commodity in existence. I know this plot seems like it’s been done to death, but hear me out. You play as Roy, an escaped prisoner out to make a name for himself. He wishes to overthrow the two main factions—Abundance and Aurora, who are fighting over that precious life-giving liquid. The planet is full of radioactive pockets and has turned many of its inhabitants into horrible ghouls. Humans tend to congregate with their own while the mighty and conscious fewer Technomancers take all they want from the people living in the slums.

Everyone is given a virtuous name upon their birth. Roy’s is Temperance and along the way he meets a kid, Innocence whom he forms an unusual relationship. With gameplay unlike most roleplaying games, Mars: War Logs allows you to complete most stories in a variety of different ways. You’ll form a party and get your posterior handed to you over and over. This game is brutal at times in the combat department, and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with its systems in order to get the full experience. Spiders are truly a developer to keep your eye on, especially with the Technomancer title looming that could be a spinoff or sequel.  Mars: War Logs is currently on PSN for only $9.99—a bit pricier than usual titles we cover, but it’s well worth the dough.

That’s it for us this week readers. I hope you enjoy these titles, especially Whistleblower. Red Barrels are a great example of how DLC should work. Follow us on Twitter, to keep up to date with our deals next week!

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