Splatoon Demo This Weekend Only

A new Nintendo Direct presentation has revealed new details for Splatoon’s demo, including special events—one of which is a limited time demo.

For those interested in the upcoming team-based shooter hitting stores on May 29, the new issue of Nintendo Direct has announced post-launch content. For this weekend only, a Splatoon global Testfire demo is now available to download from the Nintendo WiiU eShop. The demo enables any WiiU user with a broadband connection to play 4-on-4 online “Turf War” battles.

splatoon Demo image

For the uninitiated, Splatoon is a new game from Nintendo that seeks to combine family friendly fun with creative thought. Splatoon is an action shooter designed for all ages. In Splatoon, you play as Inklings—customizable characters with the ability to turn into squids at will. After dousing opponents in ink, they can transform into squids and use their ink as cover in order to escape.

Nintendo have a “splash” of new updates that they plan to deliver after the launch of Splatoon on May 30. Releasing new stages, new weapons, gear and alternate modes that aim to evolve the Splatoon experience continuously.

The Splatoon Global Testfire Demo will go live for one-hour periods. From 8:00 PM and 9:00PM PST on May 8, and 4:00AM-5:00AM and 12:00AM-1:00PM on May 9 . Users will have the chance to play against other players worldwide, as well as representatives of the Nintendo’s “Squid Research Lab”. Players who download the Global Testfire Demo before 5:00AM AEST on Sunday 10 will also claim a 10% discount on Splatoon on the WiiU shop. The offer lasts till June 4, and Splatoon must be purchased from the same WiiU console the Global Testfire Demo is downloaded on. Anyone interested in further details should visit the Official Splatoon page for more.

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