Team Secret Claim First Ever First Place Victory at Red Bull Battlegrounds

Yesterday night marked the grand finals in the Red Bull Battlegrounds between American-based Team Secret and China-based Invictus Gaming (AKA: iG). Prior to the grand finals Team Secret and iG battled it out using the unique challenge system of the Red Bull Battlegrounds. Rather than a typical group stages that utilize a bracket or a group seed system. Instead, teams had three lives; each taking turns challenging another team of their choice with the losers suffering a loss of a life. If a team loses three times and subsequently all their lives, they are knocked out of the tournament. When the dust settled Team Secret, and iG were last teams standing facing off in a best out of five grand finals.

The entire five-game series is available below, and even if you’re not a fan of DotA 2 it’s really worth a watch as the production values are incredible.

In the end, Team Secret secured a three-two victory over iG securing them their first tournament victory since forming shortly after the International 2014 last year. Despite arguably being the favorites and a force to contend with in many tournaments, before Sunday night Team Secret had yet to win a tournament. That all changed; however, at the conclusion of the battlegrounds with Team Secret pocketing a cool 38,561 dollars in addition to their first tournament win.

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