Nintendo World Championships 2015 at E3

Announced via press release, the Nintendo World Championships will be returning. After a 25 year hiatus, it seems that participants will be able to fight it out for a chance to take part in the ancient gaming tournament that will take place at the beginning of E3 on Sunday June 14.  Select Best Buy locations in major cities will host qualifying tournaments for the Nintendo World Championships. The event—last seen in 1990, will have the winners of each regional event and competitors invited by Nintendo all meeting on June 14 at the NOKIA Theatre in Los Angeles for a multi-round Nintendo game competition. Only one winner will be crowned the 2015 Nintendo World Champion, and fans will have the opportunity to attend the tournament while others can watch the online live streams. More details on the qualifying details are as of yet unknown, but will be released in the coming weeks.

On the subject, the president of Nintendo of America and chief operating officer—Reggie Fils-aime, had this to say. “Whether you’re tuning in online or joining us at the show, we want to include fans of all ages this E3 with an innovative and nostalgic focus on fun. “I’m especially eager to bring back the Nintendo World Championships and to crown the 2015 Nintendo World Champion.”

Nintendo will be delivering its main news during E3 via the Nintendo Digital Event, starting at 9 AM Pacific standard time on Tuesday June 16. Viewers will be treated to detailed information about various games and events Nintendo has planned for its customer’s consoles. Also on Tuesday June 16, online viewers can stay up to date with the latest in E3 happenings through the Nintendo Treehouse: Live @E3 with daily streamed game demos from the Nintendo booth and in-depth coverage of Nintendo products on the show floor. Specific times are unknown yet and will also be announced closer to E3.

Also during E3, certain participating Best Buy stores be opening their doors to allow Nintendo fans try out the upcoming Mario Maker title for WiiU. The game will let players have fun with friends as they play through a variety of Super Mario Bros style levels. This event will take 4-9 PM local time on Wednesday June 17 and 12-5 PM local time on Saturday, June 20. People who attend will receive a commemorative 30th Anniversary Super Mario Bros pin—only while supplies last. More information regarding participating Best Buy locations and E3 events will be announced surely. To stay up to date, keep an eye on the Nintendo E3 website.

Once more info about the upcoming Nintendo World Championships, E3 and more comes to light we’ll let you know, Nation. Want more gaming news, reviews and interviews? Be sure to follow @APGNation on Twitter!

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