Gaming on A Budget 5/21/15

The pickings were slim for this week’s Gaming on a Budget, but no worries. We were still able to pick out some gems for our readers, and we think they’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Back to the Future is a classic sci-fi trilogy, full of “jigawatts”, flux capacitors, and memorable Michael J. Fox expressions. The Telltale point-and-click games are no exception. Join Marty and Doctor Emmett Brown as they travel back to the ’60s and rewrite history once more. Doctor Emmett Brown is responsible for the local speakeasy firebombing — at least the law seems to think so. Is he guilty? Only Marty will be able to find all the clues and piece together what really happened. All your favorite characters are present including Biff, Marty’s parents, Einstein, and of course Marty’s teachers. Let’s not forget the cameo by Michael J. Fox himself. Back to the Future the Telltale series of games is available on the Humble Store now for just $3.74 so grab the whole season now! This sale expires in roughly a day, so don’t waste time.


Join Soap McTavish and his squad of US Marines as they fight through some of the most tense situations experienced in simulated war. Feel your heart pound as you slowly sneak past a battalion of tanks. Don’t move. If they spot you you’re done for. Terrorists have taken over a nearby TV station. You need to go in there and silence their broadcast. Try to avoid any civilian casualties though. You are the best of the best after all! With a plot so good, Activision decided to reuse it for the next few games—Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and all of its DLC is available for just $14.70 on PSN. This offer expires on May 27.


This next one is available to Playstation Plus owners only I’m afraid. Somewhat of a reboot on a classic series, players join the Prince as he sets off a chain of events that covers the entire land in complete darkness. The darkness warps and twists everything, preventing safe passage within the world anywhere. With the help of his new friend Elika, the Prince must brave the darkness—discovering new ways to cleanse the areas of the darkness before sealing it once and for good. With the epilogue included, as one of the easiest games to platinum ever, Prince of Persia: Ultimate Edition is definitely worth buying at just $14.69 on PSN. Expires May 27.


Society is in the greatest technological era it’s ever been in. Few people have to work, technology keeps everyone comfortable, average life expectancies are far higher, and best of all, it is a time of peace. Crime and death are at an all-time low and everything is generally prosperous, but at what cost? Marriage no longer exists. Everyone lives in a state of perpetual hedonistic pleasure. They are content to throw away traditional values in exchange for instant gratification. For the first time in years, a murder has occurred—someone of importance and you must solve the crime. What you find you may not like though, in this gripping point-and-click sci-fi classic. Until May 25, Culpa Innata is $2.49 on Steam, so go grab.

Back to the Future fans really must check out the Telltale series. They are just as whack and fun as the films. Featuring the voice of Christopher Lloyd, the games show you several fun scenarios never explored in the films. Definitely worth a look. If you enjoy this segment, follow us on @APGNation to stay up to date.

Tabitha Dickerson
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