Pokémon “Super Mystery Dungeon” Announced

Yes, that’s right, there is a new Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon coming our way! The title is slated to be released in North America this winter for the Nintendo 3DS. While we don’t have any other information right now, it is probably safe to say that this game is going to be the first in the series to feature Mega Evolutions, considering we have been in Gen VI a while now. That being said, you can expect all the classic tropes of the Mystery Dungeon franchise to be present, like turn-based battles and exploration, as well as a Pokémon Village in some capacity. The series was a great entry-point for those new to rogue-likes and it provided a rather straightforward dungeon crawling experience featuring the Pokémon series colorful roster of creatures to boot. This is also quite typical of Poké-news for May as well. The last few years have seen the reveals of major releases in the franchise and with E3 around the corner perhaps we’ll get a bigger taste of what is in store for gamers this time around in the Super Mystery Dungeon!

We will report more as it develops, but hey! New Mystery Dungeon! That’s pretty cool news in itself. Although I do find it odd they didn’t call it “Mega Mystery Dungeon”, but I suppose we don’t KNOW that Mega forms will be included yet. Be sure to follow @APGNation on Twitter for more news, reviews and interviews, folks!

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