Halo 3: ODST for Master Chief Collection Spotted, Removed, Delayed

Halo’s Master Chief Collection has experienced its fair share of bumps on the road – broken multiplayer, huge wait times online, and a subsequent removal of several features. After the community backlash, Head of 343 Industries – and Microsoft Corporate Vice President – Bonnie Ross released a statement apologizing for the issues, promising to do better, and offering players an apology gift: a free copy of Halo 3: ODST remastered and fit into the Master Chief Collection, along with 1 month of Xbox Live Gold and exclusive in-game nameplates and avatars.

Halo fans have been eagerly awaiting the release, and this week we got our first look at the upcoming expansion: Xbox Dynasty captured a screenshot from the Xbox store page that showed the ODST addon and it’s details. The store showed a release date of Friday, May 29th, and an install size of 8.1 GB.


The store listing was quickly pulled, but luckily the Internet is forever. The official Halo Twitter account spoke out today, calling the screengrab an “inadvertent listing”, and stated that ODST will not be released on Friday. They promised an official release date as soon as testing is complete.

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