Gaming on a Budget 5/29/2015 Edition

This week on Gaming on a Budget 5/29/2015 Edition we have platforming goodness and physics puzzles galore. We also have an underrated little role-playing title that is worth a few hours.

Cave Story gained critical aplomb as a cute, but rather brutal “Metroidvania” title that overhauled what makes up the genre. The main character whose name is later on revealed wakes up with no memory of who they are. They’re called upon to help the local villagers who are being bullied by a group with sinister motives in mind. Cave Story + added new modes and a sort of boss rush mode to further improve on what Cave Story accomplished as a standalone freeware title. Available now until June 1st on Steam, Cave Story + is just $11.24.


Three heroes are each bound to a mysterious artifact—the Trine. What this means is only one of them can exist at one time. They effectively inhabit the same body. They must now find a way to become unbound from the Trine and regain their former separate lives. Trine is primarily a physics-based puzzler with some exciting action role-playing elements. The three will encounter enemies, traps and special artifacts to grow their power. The Enchanted (enhanced) version of Trine is available on Steam now for $2.24 until June 1st.


Also available is its sequel, Trine 2. This game took all the systems from the previous game and added significantly to them. Further expanding on the physical puzzles and amping up combat, Pontiu, Amadeus and Zoya are called upon again by the Trine to deal with a threat threatening the realm. With further RPG elements like skill trees and updated combat, Trine 2 was a great sequel to an already fantastic original title. Like the first one, Trine 2 is now available from Steam until June for just $2.99


Two Worlds was a game that didn’t do well. It had a lot of glitches and, admittedly, many issues. The thing is, it also had a quaint charm to it. Combat was deceptively simple and it added to the already miniscule amount of open world medieval-like role playing titles. The story was interesting but hardly got to experience. Yes, admittedly, it’s not the best game ever, but it’s easily on par with the Gothic series and worth a look. If anyone’s interested, the game is only $0.99 on Steam. It’s worth just a dollar and I can only hope at that price, people will consider it worthy of a glance. This expires Jun 1st.

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