Updated-Silent Hills a Possible Xbox One Exclusive

Updated: Phil Spencer of Microsoft has said via Twitter that they are not interested in purchasing Silent Hills, silencing any more rumors.

Rooster Teeth have received information that Microsoft are in talks with Konami to acquire Silent Hills; according to an anonymous source. It seems Microsoft may be interested in making Silent Hills an Xbox One exclusive. The undisclosed source reportedly told Rooster Teeth that Microsoft are interested in purchasing the nearly defunct survival horror franchise. Rooster announced this information via their weekly cast “The Know” that if Microsoft acquire the rights to Silent Hills, they will announce it at this year’s E3.

The source claimed that Silent Hills is roughly 80% complete, Microsoft is trying to purchase the property for “billions”; and the game could come out as early as March of 2016. The source according to Rooster Teeth is well placed within the industry and in a good position to claim these things. Apparently this same source reported that Microsoft was going to reveal an Xbox One without the Kinect 2.0 unit in summer 2014; this event came to happen. Rooster Teeth said, “We trust this information, and we trust the source”, regarding the matter.

Konami is no longer interested in the console games market and is moving to the mobile market. This possibly related to the power struggles a couple of months back, and the subsequent fallout with Kojima Productions. Konami wants out “ASAP” and the source claims they’re selling off all their remaining properties that are difficult to transfer to the mobile market. Silent Hill, unlike Metal Gear, is going to be much harder to transfer to the mobile platform; especially concerning the fear, and atmospheric experiences.

The source also claims that the removal of P.T. from the PlayStation Network was a “show of good faith” towards Microsoft. Microsoft told Konami that before they would even look at the Silent Hills IP, they were required to remove P.T. from PSN. Should the deal go through, Microsoft will likely announce it at E3 in roughly three weeks.

What do our readers think? Rooster Teeth seem to trust their source. What about you guys? It seems plausible, and Silent Hills is clearly hot property as of late. We will keep you informed if anything changes. Follow us on @APGNation to stay up to date.

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