Gaming on a Budget 6/4/2015 Edition

We’re going console crazy this week on Gaming on a Budget. Sorry #PCMasterRace, but these deals are just way too good for anyone with a PS3 to pass up. Capcom’s having an immense sale, and there are some real gems in amongst the rank and file.

Gaming on a Budget

This first game was not well received at all, just because the developers tried to mix it up a bit and try something new. It traded in the frantic run and gun grappling frenzy that was Lost Planet 2 and brought the gameplay into a scenario that was claustrophobic, isolating and at times terrifying. Lost Planet 3 was the one game to truly make me feel like I could rely on no one but myself. Sure there were NPCs and radio communications, but when you’re out there drilling in the ice with nothing to keep you company but the huge RIG device (this is a prequel, so no VS suits) and your own music imported into the game from your PC; there is really nothing else like it. The shooting can be a little finicky, but that’s a small price to pay to be treated to Jim Peyton’s life—one of the only recent video game protagonists that is just incredibly likable. I really advise people to give Lost Planet 3 a try. At the very least, it’s worth the $6.99 that Sony are asking for on Playstation Network.Gaming on a Budget

This next game surely needs no introduction and could only be described as pure art. Taking us inside some of the mythology behind ancient lore, Okami put us in the shoes of “Ammy”—an angry god with the power to fight the poison that threatens the world. Okami introduced gameplay elements that tear down the fourth wall. It can only be described as the best game ever to take inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series. Okami, with Hideki Kamiya behind the scenes, features a good story, likable characters and some truly inspired set-pieces that provide players with an example of a game being true art. Nothing quite like being able to effectively pause the game and draw a massive slash down the middle of an enemy to cause insane amounts of damage. Okami HD is available on PSN for just $4.99. That’s a steal, and like everything else this week it will only last until June 8.

Gaming on a Budget

Once again this next game didn’t do so great, which is quite unfortunate. It received a cult following, and while it’s not the best game ever, it had some really nifty ideas. Remember Me put players in the shoes of Nillin, a female protagonist who can’t recall who she is. Unlike any other run of the mill amnesia story, her memories have actually been taken from her using a device called the “Sensen”. This device captures the entire world’s memories, allowing them to be stored and shared with anyone. However, there’s been a recent spate of instances where people are losing their minds and their memories. People are going insane, desperate to fill their Sensen with any memory they can possibly get from anybody. Set in a futuristic paradise where things aren’t exactly quite what they seem, Nillin as a memory hunter has the power to fix it all. The combat was a tad lackluster, but the set-pieces, story and atmosphere of the world in general was quite a site to behold. Go grab it if you’re into cyberpunk titles. It’s only $11.99 on PSN, and quite a unique game most would overlook.

Gaming on a Budget
This may be a bit costly for some of you, and I apologise for that, but I could not pass up the chance to tell people about Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. Somewhat of a mix between Dark Souls and Monster Hunter; Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a rather brutal dungeon crawler. The monsters are big, and they hit hard. The game doesn’t hold your hand on where to go either. It’s easy to get lost just exploring the huge world. If you take a wrong path, prepare to have your character be slaughtered. It’s not the developer’s fault you weren’t good enough to dodge that ogre’s ground pound and they won’t apologise. What’s that? A dragon’s gone and stolen your heart? Well you’ll just have to go and get it back from him won’t you? Armed with several party members that you can create, or hire from your friends, the Pawn system really made this game quite a fun title. It’s nice to see Capcom experimenting with a new IP every now and then. If this sort of thing interests you, go grab it. It’s $13.49 on PSN until june 8.

That’s it for this week, and I really urge everyone reading this who hasn’t tried Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen to get it. It’s still really cheap, and it’s an extremely fun and unforgiving title that any Souls fan or masochist will thoroughly enjoy. Thanks for reading. Follow us on @APGNation to see what we have next week!

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