Twitch Announces Whisper Functionality

Twitch, the Internet’s most popular streaming service for gamers, has announced the ability to whisper to users. Those using the service  will now be able to individually message other Twitch users. This has the potential  for streamers to have a much more personal relationship with viewers. Streamers simply have to type “/w [username]” into the chatbox and the command will automatically finish the name of the most recently messaged users. Users are also able to customize who they wish to receive whispers from, giving you the choice to allow all Twitch users or just the broadcaster that they follow.


That isn’t the only thing Twitch has got planned though, as offline messages, popout instant messaging and extended language support for Whispers are coming soon as well. With all these additions, it is clear that the acquisition of Twitch by Amazon earlier in the year was not wholly negative. While there may have been some questionable decisions so far, Twitch is clearly still trying to improve the usability of their streaming service.

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How do you feel about this addition to Twitch? Do you feel like Amazon are having a positive or negative impact on Twitch?

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