Indiecade Reveals E3 Lineup

Indiecade, a celebration of all things related to indie games, has announced the select games that will appear at their booth for this year’s E3. These titles were hand-picked from among the best and brightest submissions from last fall’s competition and are meant to provide visitors to Indiecade’s booth with a taste of what they might expect from one of their events later in the year. Indicade’s E3 booth, which will be located in South Hall #601, will be separated into several different areas, each being devoted to different a facet of gaming including console, mobile, PC, and even virtual reality technology like the Oculus Rift.

“It is our honor to once again be the hosting partner for the IndieCade Showcase @ E3 and to provide an area for independent creators to showcase their incredible work,” said Rich Taylor, senior vice president for Communications and Industry Affairs at the Entertainment Software Association. “Each year, the games and experiences on display by IndieCade challenge assumptions of what games can be, what games can say, and what it means to interact with yourself and others. We look forward to what independent creators will offer at this year’s E3.”

For a list of all of the games that will be on display at E3, look below:

Royals [PC] by: Sirvo, LLC

Face It!  [iOS, Android] by: Navel

Luckslinger [PC/Mac/Linux] by: Duckbridge

GNOG [PC/Mac/Linux] by: KO-OP

Home Improvisation [PC] by: The Stork Burnt Down

Earth Primer [iPad] by: Chaim Gingold

Metamorphabet [PC/Mac] by: VectorPark

Time Barons [Tabletop] by: Quibble Games

Synonymy [iOS, Android, Mac] by: JarvisFilms

TRIPAD [PC / Launchpad DJ Controllers] by:

Butt Sniffin Pugs [PC / Pug Butt] by: Space Beagles

Lost Valley VR [Virtual Reality] by: Paper Crane Games

Maquisard [Mac] by: Team Maquisard

In Tune [PC / Physical] by: Tweed Couch Games

Curiouser and Curiouser!  [Book] by: DragonRat Studio

Chambara [PC/Mac] by: Overly Kinetic
Starport [GearVR Innovator Edition] by Otherworld Interactive

Monikers [Tabletop] by: Palm Court
ChargeShot [Windows] by: Cowboy Color
Pixel Ripped [PC/Virtual Reality] by: Pixel Ripped Ltd. .

Shape of the World [Xbox One] by: Hollow Tree Games
Tetheron [PC] by: Giverspace —

Tribal & Error [PC] by: Grotman
…&maybetheywontkillyou [LARP] by: RainBros
Breath of Light [Android] by: Many Monkeys
Dysforgiveness [Physical] by: Team Bluehart
Australia Repopulates the World: The Game [Physical] by: Seemingly Pointless

Plug & Play [Android/PC/Mac] by: Etter Studio
Takat [Tabletop] by: Tinfox Games

FUNBOX [Physical] by: USC Games

Armikrog [PC/Mac/Linux] by: Pencil Test Studios
Cloud Chasers [PC] by: Blindflug Studios
Lumino City [Mac/PC] by: State of Play 
SUNSET [PC/Mac] by: Tale of Tales

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