Driveclub PS+ Edition Releasing Tomorrow

Sony announced that Driveclub PS+ Edition will finally be coming to the Playstation Store on June 25th, free to download for all Plus subscribers. The game will be a stripped down version of the full title, with restricted access to cars and tracks, but users will be able to download DLC and customize their experience.

Many doubted if the stripped down version would ever see a release after a very bumpy release window for Driveclub. At launch players were unable to play the game online, while others complained of bugs and issues. The online functionality will not yet be available for those playing the PS+ version as Sony & Evolution want to bring it in slowly.

While Driveclub may have had a rocky release, it now has a thriving community with regularly released content. If anything, the PS+ edition will give PS4 owners the chance to try one of the best driving games available.

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