Gaming on a Budget 6/25/2015 Edition

This week it is Sonic’s Birthday, and while he’s not been the most popular of game characters in recent times, there’s still some life left in him. PSN is having both a Sonic and a 2K sale. We hope you enjoy this week’s picks for Gaming on a Budget.

Gaming on a Budget

The first game this week portrayed a different side of military combat, showcasing the effects of war, on both a psychological level and an economic one. Spec Ops: The Line tells the story of Delta force, sent into a bad situation from the very get go. Dubai is in ruins, thousands have been murdered and their job is to find and help as many survivors as they can. Is that their only reason for being there though? Someone seems to know more than they’re letting on. Is their mission altruistic, or ultimately nefarious? In many ways, that is for the player to discover. Spec Ops features  a well-written story and a system that questions one’s morals and is well worth a look. Spec Ops: The Line is currently only $3.99 on PSN. The sale ends on Monday 29.

Gaming on a Budget

Sonic Adventure is still generally considered one of the best examples of the blue blur’s three-dimensional outings. Sonic arrives in the city and encounters this strange being comprised entirely of water. He defeats it, which starts a chain of events leading to the realization that Robotnik is at it once again. Using a hydro-dragon with the power of chaos, Robotnik plans to take over the world. Unbeknownst to him Chaos, as the being is called isn’t exactly thrilled with the prospect of being Eggman’s lapdog. Sonic must stop him, and restore peace to the sprawling city of Station Square. It is still an immensely fun game, raising chaos(chows), racing across nighttime speedways and cities and ultimately doing what Sonic does best. Sonic Adventure is available also on PSN for a crazy $1.99. Well worth the price and the fun.

Gaming on a Budget

Sick of Sonic yet? I hope not, as this next title is well worth it. Sonic CD is the last really great side-scrolling Sonic title. Unlike Sonic 4, it didn’t recycle bosses or alter them slightly. It had some fresh new ideas and some really amazing FMV sequences. The cut-scenes were truly a joy to behold, and the music still gets stuck in my head. The level design was top notch, and traveling through time and seeing the past and future of each level was quite amazing to behold. The new animations were cool, and the different endings were interesting too. Good luck getting the best ending though. Those time gems are a pain to collect all of. If you yearn for a simpler time, and a game that recaptures the feeling of those old Sonic classics, then Sonic CD is the game for you. It’s just $1.99 on PSN and well worth that price.

Gaming on a Budget

Now we come to the culmination of many years of trial and error. Widely considered by many fans to be the last great Sonic title, Sonic Generations combined the classic running and jumping side scrolling method with the more realistic three-dimensional playing field. Did it work? Yes, and to great effect. With a somewhat lackluster plot tying it all together, Sonic Generations managed to make the games fun once more. Incorporating previous boss fights from other games and levels, then tweaking them to create and altogether totally new experience, Sonic Generations is the game that many fans like myself had been waiting for. Yes, it recycled a few things, but it also managed to expand upon what worked, to great effect. If you have ever had even a passing interest in Sonic, try out Sonic Generations! It’s a bit more costly at $11.99 on PSN but it’s a small price to pay to see his dignity restored if only for a short while.

That’s it for this week and, hopefully, there’s enough here for Sonic fans both old and new. It’s awesome to see that the blue blur is still with us almost a quarter century on. He’s 24 as of this week. Hard to believe! Now I feel old. Happy Birthday, Sonic!

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