Gaming on A Budget 7/2/2015 Edition

This week’s sales are all over the place. we have some world building, some action-stealth, and role playing elements as well. We have something for everyone!


In an incredibly original homage to the Thief series we have Styx. I myself reviewed this title and can not recommend it enough. Packed with tonnes of abilities and clever puzzle elements, as well as a surprisingly likable lump of flesh for a main character, Styx: Master of Shadows is for anyone who hated the 2014 iteration of Thief. Packed with several different routes and solutions, as well as optional missions that will require skill, Styx is a must have for absolutely any fan of the stealth genre of games. I really can not recommend Styx enough, and while it’s a bit costly, it’s still totally worth it at $11.99 from Steam. This offer ends July 3.


Terraria is generally described as 2-dimensional Minecraft, but this misses the point entirely. Terraria is far more akin to something like a procedurally generated Metroidvania. Certain items and upgrades can be found without requiring you to build them. You can explore and just get lost in the world. Until night-time that is. Once night-time rolls around, you’d better get to cover. Dangerous things come out at night and will hunt you down. The game is practically limitless in its possibilities. Anyone who doesn’t mind a little big of digging and a whole lot of exploring, this game is for you. Terraria is only $7.49 right now on GoG for this week.


Digital Devil Saga is one of those really great standalone titles within the Shin Megami Tensei universe. The world of course is post-apocalyptic, and a desolate wasteland. Clans vie for territory and kill each other on sight, while scavenging for materials to eke out a living. Now imagine that a large egg fell from space, turning them all into flesh hungry demons hellbent on devouring anyone not within their clan. You see the problem now. Serph and his gang have to struggle with their sense in order to remain some semblance of humanity throughout the whole ordeal. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re into that sort of thing and only $4.99 on PSN til next week.


This brings us to the sequel. While the first games leaves off on a cliffhanger, the sequel smartly fills in the blanks and provides a satisfying conclusion. Digital Devil Saga 2 has Serph and the gang discover what it means to be human, but they’ve got to go through some hoops to do it. Exploring religious aspects and the fabric of reality, Digital Devil Saga 2  delivers on everything previous built up. It features the same brutal combat system from the first game, further expanding upon it to provide one of the best roleplaying titles of this decade. The story will confuse and excite you. Well written and well acted, it’s only $4.99 on PSN until next week.

That’s all we have for you guys this week. Do give the Digital Devil Saga series a go. It’s got some really difficult fights in it, some fantastic characters and a very esoteric-based plot. Definitely a classic RPG.

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