Gaming on a Budget 7/9/2015 Edition

This week of Gaming on a Budget 7/9/2015 Edition will be mainly console focused, as Sony is having a big digital seasonal sale. We’ll try not to leave out PC gamers, but this week is slim pickings for computer users, sadly.


First title this week is the story of how one man developed some amazing superpowers. Cole McGrath is a courier, tasked with the delivery of something important. He doesn’t quite know what he is delivering, and he never makes it there. A huge explosion occurs, and Cole is imbued with superhuman abilities. Infamous was the first game to explore really the implications of humans advancing beyond the current evolutionary ladder. It dealt with social, personal and financial implications, telling a realistic angle and ultimately allowing the player to choose how their powers are used. Sadly, playing in between would gimp your character, so you have to stay either good or bad, but still a fun game. Infamous 1 and 2 are currently available on PSN in a collection for $17.99. A bit pricey, but totally worth it for a great series. This offer lasts until July 15.


While the first game had a few issues here and there, it was still a great homage to the series pf graphic that fans know and love. Picking up where the first game left off, Jackie is now the boss. Haunted by images of his girlfriend Jenny, who was brutally murdered, he has become a tough and ruthless leader of the crime family. The warmth in his heart died with Jenny and in many respects, so did Jackie Estacado. He gives the Darkness free rein now, after years of suppressing it and that means new abilities. Darkness II expanded upon the first in fantastic ways, with a well written plot, interesting characters and, of course, Mike Patton as the Darkness. I dare any fan of the comics not to like Darkness II. Until July 15, it is available on PSN for only $16.00; an absolute steal.


Saints Row has always been a series known to portray the lighter side of crime. Whether it be robbing a bank while the manager asks for their autograph, storming a virtual online world or dumping toxic waste on a bunch of private properties, they always had “crazy” covered. Now imagine that a crazy psychopath is now the President of the United States. Unleashing unbridled amount of insane crime-causing fun Saints Row IV: Re-Elected managed to bring the Saints into the next generation. While some will no doubt argue that IV took the series a bit too far, there is no denying that in amongst the crazy plot with aliens and superpowers, the game was fun. Not many games let you scale a skyscraper,  and beat up a bunch of extraterrestrials before jumping off, landing and then punching the local biker square in the testicles. If that sounds like fun, then Saints Row IV: Re-elected is only $17.99 on psn, and well worth the higher price.


For those in the PC world it is no great secret that the much teased Fallout Van Buren; supposedly the next in the series was canceled. Much to everyone’s chagrin, we got Fallout 3; a watered down version of the much-loved sci-fi world without any mention of the New California Republic, or any of the juicy storylines teased with Van Buren previously. Cut to years later, and our prayers were finally answered. Developed by Obsidian; the true legacy of the Fallout series, New Vegas was as close to Van Buren as we would ever get. Fallout New Vegas made good on some of the ideas and concepts floating around with the never released Van Buren and was without a doubt a worthy successor to Fallout 2. If you have not experienced the true Fallout sequel, then you should head on over to where they have New Vegas for just $16.99.

Seriously though, Fallout New Vegas should have been Fallout 3. Oh well, let’s just hope Bethesda learn from New Vegas’s success and that Fallout 4 will be everything we hope it is. Thanks for reading, that’s it for this week.

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