No Man’s Sky Details Released

Over the past week new No Man’s Sky information has been released in an attempt to show the world that there is more to it than just exploration. In an exclusive video interview for IGN, Shaun Murray goes into a little bit of detail on the various ways gamers can choose to play. So far we know you are able to trade, explore, discover and fight. Although I feel there is likely more to be announced in the near future.

For the next month IGN will be posting more videos about No Man’s Sky, giving us a deeper insight into the universe and journey each player will be taking.  I am guessing that Hello Games have seen some of the negative feedback from the community about how vague they have been with details so far. So this is likely their attempt at trying to regain some of the hype they had around the reveal. While details are still unknown about a release date, this influx of information is definitely promising. I’m still sat here hoping for a 2015 release date although I can see it likely slipping into early 2016.

Also released earlier in the week was a short video detailing how the economy works. Shaun explains that they have tried to make the trading quite simple on the surface, but behind the scenes the system is quite complex. There is various space stations and ports scattered around the universe. Some lie in the orbit of a planet, whilst others can be found on planet surfaces.

I have a child like excitement for this game, even if it is not as action filled as everyone wants it to be.With the exploration and trading alone I can live out my Han Solo fantasy and play as a  trader. Failing that, I could always just fly out into the abyss and see how far it lets me go.

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