Gaming on a Budget: 7/16/2015 Edition

This week we’re going to focus mainly on the PC players – we’ve neglected them somewhat recently. There’s a few sales on Steam and GoG, so there’s something for those of you who don’t use Steam today.


The first game was considered massively controversial when first released. Postal 2 put players into the world of a sociopath, while still giving them agency to choose whether or not to succumb to those tendencies. Postal 2 was possible to finish without killing anyone at all, which was interesting. The Postal protagonist is just going about his business until his wife tells him to go get the paper and some milk. He has to travel to town and curb his sociopathic lifestyle while still performing his errands. This insane romp through the minds of RunningWithScissors is available right now on Steam for just $0.99 and will be available until July 20.


The Witcher is based on a series of bestselling novels, and follows the tales of Geralt of Rivia. He and his kind are witchers – people with unique skills that hunt down monsters. Geralt is injured and recalls nothing of his past before being taken back home. No sooner does he arrive among his own kind then their keep is attacked and ravaged, with something important stolen in the process. Geralt must now track down who took it and retrieve the stolen recipe that belongs to the Witchers. With the help of his allies he will struggle through his quest, and attempt to recall his memory. Witcher: Enhanced Edition is only $9.99 on and it’s not on sale, so no time limit on this one.


Your town is attacked. You come back from a previous adventure, only to find that your village lies in ruins. Who attacked your village and why? It seems random at first, but you are linked to a mysterious woman and an ancient king. Unraveling that mystery will be your quest in this expansive action RPG that takes the best of the previous games and refines the combat. With a friendly, non-threatening protagonist, Arcania is recommended for fans of the series, or open world games like Skyrim, Dragon’s Dogma, or Dragon Age. Arcania is currently available on Steam for just $3.99 and will expire later today, so grab it while you can.


That’s it for PC, but one last deal for the console players – Bully. Bullsworth Academy is well-known for straightening up even the hardest students – only those with a bad record are sent here. Jimmy Hopkins has such a record, and this is his last chance to make school work – otherwise it’s off to Juvenile Hall with him. Along the way he’ll meet some colorful characters, start his own gang, befriend the new kid, and struggle to become teacher’s pet. It really is like a PG-13 version of the Grand Theft Auto games – and just as fun. With a decent plot and some great moments in gaming, Bullworth Academy is worth a visit. Your hall pass to Bully on PSN expires July 21, so go grab it for just $2.49. Be sure to grab Bully, it really is a great game – well worth a look, especially for that price. If you like Rockstar’s games, you’ll love Bully.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully we’ve balanced out the PC to console ratio and made up for previous omissions. Be sure to catch us next week!

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