How to be Good at Rocket League

Rocket League has slowly started its world take-over, dominating PS4s and PCs globally – so now’s the time to share a few tips that I’ve learned. While I’m not exactly the Lionel Messi of Rocket League, I still do fairly well – winning more games than I lose while online, and rocking an average of almost 2 goals per game. Let’s get started!


While it may include big, fast, and surprisingly acrobatic cars, Rocket League is still about football – soccer, to you Americans. So the rules of football are easily applied, positioning is absolutely essential.  It comes down to two different plays – defensive and attacking. While in defense it is vital to have someone filling the goal space, so many goals are scored from the midway line. Having a player in goal can easily negate that attack. I’ve saved and stopped countless attacking plays just by having the upper hand on a team coming forward. When attacking with team members, don’t all bum-rush the ball. You often end up with an absolute mess of people all huddled around the ball at the corner, fighting for possession. If there is already a teammate fighting for possession, wait in the middle. This way you can easily boost in and take a shot. If you are playing with a friend, it’s pretty easy to have a designated winger and attacker – this way you can constantly set each other up for goals.

Use the Walls!

The walls aren’t just there for riding up, even though it does look and feel quite awesome. You can use the walls in several different ways, most effective is rebounding. In Rocket League rebounding the ball off the walls can be used as an attacking or defensive move. On the attack you can use it to set your team mates up for a shot, or even score yourself if you’re well-practiced. What makes these kinds of shots useful is that you can get a lot of verticality from rebounds, making them much harder to defend. In defense I regularly use the walls to send the ball back out of my own half. Try and aim the ball to either side of the goal and do a little boost and jump, if timed correctly you will send the ball flying back out and your goal line will be safe. The other, trickier use of the walls is riding up them and jumping off to get a hit on the ball – it won’t always work but it can lead to you gaining possession of the ball.


The 100% boosts: pick them up!

I don’t see people going for the boosts as much as they should. I can’t count the amount of times players get caught out on the counter attack, and are unable to catch up due to lack of boost. You could probably go grab a boost and get back in time to defend, rather than just hoping and wishing your normal engines will do the job. It’s the same for attacking – if you have a full boost and manage to get ahead of everyone with the ball, you should have an easy time scoring.

Front Flips and Back Flips

Front flips and black flips are incredibly useful for adding more momentum to your shots, or even giving a ball some extra velocity on a defensive move. They can take a while to master, but when you start getting them down they make a huge difference to your offensive game. They also look extremely cool.



There is a chat function you can use in game – using the d-pad, you can select a small amount of one word phrases. This might sound quite simple but they can actually be surprisingly effective. The ease of use really adds to an immediate form of communication, especially with the “Defend” and “Centering” commands. Not only this, but they are a pretty funny way of talking smack to your opponents. Sneak a goal past them after some bad defending and then drop a “Nice Save” – I guarantee they will likely rage, but hopefully laugh a little as well.

That’s all I’ve got for the time being – when I run across some more tricks, I’ll make sure to update all of you. If you’ve got any tips you’d like to share, feel free to add them in the comments down below. Time to go play some more Rocket League I think…

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