Gaming on a Budget: 7/22/2015 Edition

This week on Budget, we are going roleplaying crazy. PSN has a sale of some of some of the best roleplaying titles of all time and it’s your chance to grab them. Read on for this week’s recommendations.


The tactical roleplaying sensation that started it all. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness brought something fresh to the tried and true methods of tactical roleplaying games. It introduced the idea of the geo panel, and the item worlds; dangerous dungeons that took on the property of the weapon or item used for the ritual. They provided great rewards but also many dangers. Disgaea told the story of the demon prince Laharl and his quest to usurp his father as ruler of the underworld. With some quirky well written humour and some very likable characters, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is definitely worth a look for any tactical gaming fans. PSN has reduced the price of it to $4.99 currently. No-one knows how long the reduction will last, so go grab it!


This next title will narrate your every move. Bastion can be a little tedious at times, when every little move is pointed out by “Cpt Obvious”; however it can also be a lot of fun. Taking the normal action roleplaying experience and adding its own unique twist to it, Bastion put players in the shoes of “The Kid”. The Kid is the sole survivor of a cataclysmic event that has destroyed his world. Feeling somewhat responsible, he endeavours to piece it back together, journeying to each of the shattered realms and restoring the once great “Bastion” to its former glory. With several different challenge modes and multiple weapons, coupled with a rather unique story, you have to check out Bastion. PSN has it on sale for $3.45 until July 29.


We finally reach the Piece de resistance. From Software’s swan song managed to capture the minds and frustration of many gamers. Featuring some of the most brutal combat in a game ever, the land of Boletaria is a harsh and treacherous one. You start the game off dead. Welcome to the Nexus, you will never escape. That is unless you lull the Old One back to sleep. With the help of the Black Maiden, you will travel to the corrupted areas of the land and cleanse them of their demonic capitals. The game hates you. You will die, and die and die. Overpowered enemies lie behind every blind corner and you need your wits about you. Oh and that guy in the cage? I wouldn’t trust him, just a tip. PSN has Demon’s Souls reduced to $14.99. It’s still a tad costly, but the game is huge and totally worth the experience.


With a steam punk aesthetic, this new title has managed to make quite a name for itself. Originally started as a standalone title, Guns of Icarus Online was incarnated and became an over night hit. Putting you in the shoes of an airship engineer, you’d have to defend yourself against other sky pirates. Keep your guns maintained, and the ship from overheating and exploding and you may just make it to your next confrontation. Run around your ship, keeping its defenses in good condition and you stand a good chance. Fail to do so and you may be boarded. Unlike the original Guns of Icarus, GoI Online allowed you to take on the same crazy mayhem with friends, rather than going it alone. It’s worth a look if you’re into tower defense sort of games and the Humble weekly bundle has it available along with other goodies. You can choose how much you want to pay this time; however, so it won’t break the bank. Obviously this lasts until next week.

That’s it for this week. Definitely check out Demon’s Souls if you’re a console player. It starts off hard, but if you’re willing to grind and put in the effort, while accepting occasional death as an inevitability it can be a hell of a lot of fun. It’s easily one of the best roleplaying experiences I can suggest to any gamer.

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