Greenlit Game Afterlife Empire Releasing August 14

After being greenlit and approved for release via Steam, Afterlife Empire, the isometric strategy game with nods to Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, and the lesser known Ghost Master, has quietly announced a release date of August 14th. The game will be initially available on PC and Mac.

The game was initially conceived by Danielle Maiorino, chosen by the Internet as winner of The Fine Young Capitalists’ Women In Gaming competition, with successful Indiegogo backing from just over 3800 supporters. Developed by Colombian transmedia studio AutoBotika, Afterlife Empire is a strategic game that puts the player in the shoes of the recently deceased. Build a custom haunted house and scare anyone curious enough to enter but be careful — scare people too much and they’ll die of fright. Scare too few and you’ll fade away from history.

The project has seen a lot of ire throughout its funding and development in connection to GamerGate — in spite of this, or perhaps because of this, Afterlife Empire has received little coverage from other outlets. But on the upside, 4chan’s members (notably /pol/ and /v/) contributed over $23,500 and approved the design of the iconic mascot Vivian James, who will make her debut appearance in Afterlife Empire — Reddit’s mascot Gilda Mars will also be in the game. A large (read: 74%) portion of the net profit will go to The Colon Cancer Alliance.


The Fine Young Capitalists are an Ontario-based organization created in 2014, dedicated to “create media using underrepresented labor [and] unexplored demographics to fund non-profit organizations, thereby ‘creating the means for the production.'” TFYC have a mixed reputation on the Internet and have set up a subsidiary non-profit foundation on their collaboration with adult actress Mercedes Carrera, The Porn Charity, known as The Fine Young Councilors. The Women In Gaming was their first official production that challenged five women to create a concept for a videogame for the Internet to vote on — true to their word, The Fine Young Capitalists have updated backers with progress every three months. APGNation had the pleasure of speaking with the group last year in an interview.

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