Brave the Wild Blue Yonder In Skyrider, Now on KickStarter

The South American video game scene is not to be overlooked, and Skyrider & the Journey to AirCitadel is a perfect example of this. Created by Argentine game developers MagicGuiso, Skyrider is a retro-styled platformer in which players take on the role of young noble Noki and his robot assistant R.O.B.O.T.O as they fight against the oppressive elite who have created haven in the sky called AirCitadel, sustained by exploiting the working poor.

Taking direct inspiration from “the events of the whole world and [from] capitalism,” Skyrider is as much political as it is artistic — but don’t assume that the interactive experience will be excessively muddled by voice-overs and text. It’s possible to send a powerful message while having fun, too.

SkyRider‘s creators have many years of experience in all aspects of game development — despite this being MagicGuiso’s first official project, the creative team are hardened veterans. Programmer Brian Amadori has been involved in quite a few game jams, while Federico Barra used to program for the now-defunct mobile game company Sweded Games. Damian Fernandez has a pretty hefty art blog (NSFW) and producer Adrian Novell‘s résumé includes work at iOS developer PixOwl and Gameloft.

But there’s also a long-time industry professional among them: Mike Raznik, the composer notable for his work in the Ratchet and Clank series, met up with MagicGuiso at this year’s GDC to ask for collaboration on the project.

“We felt so honored, it was a big “yes” for us,” says Novell.

The game has been greenlit on Steam and is even backed as a Staff Pick on Kickstarter. There’s no doubt that Skyrider will be loved by fans of action-adventure platformers or those who flow with that 8-bit aesthetic. But with less than a week to fund and only 15% funded, things are looking pretty grim for MagicGuiso. Novell takes us through a look at the options.

“1st is relaunching our campaign in a few months, after gathering a bigger fan base. We were greenlit in a few days and we know that people really like the game, but we didn’t get that much exposure before and during the campaign. 2nd is being funded by a publisher. We are already in conversations with an [interested] publisher that is considering investing in us. 3rd is making the game part-time as we have till now. The downside of that is that it will take us more than a year and a half to finish it.”

Will MagicGuiso be able to hit their $40,000 mark? The answer depends on you, reader. We’ll be following this game over time to mark its progress. In the mean time check out their Kickstarter page or download the game’s prototype version here. Interested in what you see? Consider making a donation, or tell your friends about this project!


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