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Additional Rock Band 4 Songs Revealed

More awesome music has just been announced for Rock Band 4! Some of the new artists included are: The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Fall Out Boy, Rush, System of a Down and Disturbed. This heavier music will be a welcome addition for all those people out there who like a bit of distortion with their music. These songs will form just some of the game’s tracklist along with the previously announced titles — couple this with Rock Band’s already expansive library and you’ve got an awesome selection of tracks.
The list of songs that were announced in the press release include:

• 4 Non Blondes – “What’s Up?”
• The Black Keys – “Fever”
• Disturbed – “Prayer”
• Duck & Cover – “Knock Em Down”
• Eddie Japan – “Albert”
• Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”
• Halestorm – “I Miss The Misery”
• Heart – “Kick It Out”
• Heaven’s Basement – “I Am Electric”
• Lightning Bolt – “Dream Genie”
• Rick Derringer – “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”
• Rush – “A Passage To Bangkok”
• Scorpions – “No One Like You”
• Slydigs – “Light The Fuse”
• Soul Remnants – “Dead Black (Heart of Ice)”
• System of a Down – “Spiders”
• White Denim – “At Night In Dreams”

Rock Band 4 is nearing its October 6th release on both Xbox one and PS4. It’s been five years since we had a dedicated Rockband console experience, so it will be interesting to see how the gaming community reacts to peripheral based music games again.

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