Elite Dangerous: Horizons Announced

Today, Frontier Developments announced that Elite Dangerous would be receiving a full season’s worth of updates with the overarching title Horizons later this year. The new expansion will introduce the Surface Recon Vehicle (SRV) ‘Scarab’ landing vehicle which will allow players to explore the surface of world’s they’ve scanned in search of new resources. Players will also be able to carry out raids on planet surfaces with live support from both the ground and sky. According to Frontier Developments, the transition between space and surface will be seamless and allow players to switch between the two without loading screens.KeyArt_EliteDangerous_CQC_CTF_0

Horizons will launch this December for $59.99 with a second round of content planned for release in the first quarter of 2016. Players who already own the base Elite Dangerous game will receive a $15 loyalty discount on the new content and access to the special Cobra MK IV in-game spaceship. The original version of Elite Dangerous will also continue to receive support with Horizons in the form of bug fixes, updates, and other forms of optimization.

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