Rocket League Weekly: First Edition


Welcome to Rocket League Weekly, a weekly guide to everything that is happening in the world or Rocket League. I’ll be updating you on game news, community news and even showing you some sweet goals .This week is going to be a general catch up on everything that has happened so far, with the next one being a weekly piece. First bit of news this week is a big one, the first big update and DLC news.

Patch 1.03 & DLC
The first big patch released last week brought a slew of new fixes and improvements. The fixes include; A fix for the Far Far away Achievement, visual optimizations, online latency issues and they have also added a mouse sensitivity option. The full list of changes can be found here Psyonix have also unveiled the first batch of DLC for Rocket League. The Supersonic Fury DLC pack will feature two new cars with six new decals coming for both of them. The pack also includes a whole bunch of new items for you to customize your cars with. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the new Muscle car Dominus, so the DLC is a must buy for me. I also really want to show my appreciation to Psyonix for creating such a brilliant experience, especially when experience is  free with my PlayStation Plus subscription. Check out the trailer below for all the details on Supersonic Fury.

Psyonix are also committed to providing free content to the community and will be doing so with a free map to be released at the same time as the paid DLC. The map is called Utopia Coliseum and sees the player competing in an almost battleground like setting.

Rocket League is an eSport
In the first article I wrote about Rocket League, I said it was going to become the next big eSport. I was right on the latter, as ESL announced it as an official sport last week. Rocket League now has weekly tournaments in Europe and North America. It is only a matter of time until we start to see it played on the big stages with dedicated teams and leagues. In the near future Rocket League will be getting a spectator mode which makes the potential for eSport competitions even better. Giving the community the tools to broadcast competitions and potentially create a worldwide league.

Awesome Community Moments
With Rocket League having such a huge following, there is some really great content flying around online. There are some seriously crazy moments during Rocket League, and luckily it isn’t hard to capture them these days!

You have to love it when you add a little extra flair to your shot, just as Rainhue does here

Reddit User Klankeser shared this sweet air shot performed by his brother. I’ve not quite got the technique down myself yet, but it won’t stop me from trying.

Reddit user Inert_Berger shows us the benefits of reverse driving. Looks like I have something else to practice now. Dayum.

Other Consoles?

While it is hard to deny that Rocket League has had a brilliant amount of success, it is still only available for PS4 and PC. Rocket League’s Marketing VP Jerry Dunham stated that, “The studio is definitely looking into other platforms. Absolutely, 100 percent.” During his interview with Gamezone.
While there are no details yet it is probably quite obvious that Xbox One is going to get a version, but could the Wii U? Given the universal appeal of Rocket League, it’s not hard to see it being quite popular on the Wii U.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, be sure to come back each week for everything you need to know in the world of Rocket League.  I’m off to play some Rocket League right now I think. Let’s see if I can finally get those last two trophies!

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