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The Dark Storm: Ascension Kickstarter is over a week into it’s campaign and has garnered a reasonable amount of success.  The world is set in a new Cold War period between America and Russia, but this is not a war fought over Democracy and Communism. This is a war over energy, with only fifty years left of fossil fuels — the biggest nations are now fighting for the last of it. There is also a race to figure out the secrets being Dark Matter. It is thought that the mysterious matter could help solve the energy problems on earth.

In Dark Storm: Ascension, you play as Amber, a character that Fenrir Studios hopes can shake up the tired and cliché female leads that we often see. Using a mix of stealth and action, Amber must defeat her adversaries. The enemies scale and adapt to the players ability as well as play style, offering a dynamic experience that molds to every player. Dark Storm looks like a healthy mix of Deus Ex and Alpha Protocol, taking major inspiration from the stealth game play in both titles.

As a way of showing their dedication to the project, Fenrir Studios have released Dark Storm: VR. A free tech-demo showing what they are capable of. It features ten hours of missions and will give the public a chance to see what Fenrir Studios are capable of. Considering it is free, it is at least worth a quick go!

Fenrir Studios are asking for $50,000 to fund Dark Storm: Ascension, they currently have 21 days until the Kickstarter ends. They have raised just over $4,500 so far. Go check out their Kickstarter here.

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