Gaming on a Budget: 8/13/2015 Edition

Alrighty, I’m back. I apologize for last week. My PC is intermittent as to when it wishes to function. Some big sales this week. Square Enix are discounting tons of titles on PlayStation Network, and Steam has a discount on an amazing game that we were lucky enough to review. Enjoy!


D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die tells a story, unlike anything that has come before it. On the surface, it’s a point and click game, but deep down, D4 is so much more. David Young has an amazing ability. To recall past events, despite not even being there to witness them. He acquired this ability on the day his wife Peggy was murdered. All he has left of her is a memory fragment telling him to “look for D”. Using his new found ability, David can dive into the past and, as he describes it, alter the future. He does this using mementos—items he locates during his travels—that he discovers in amongst evidence and clues. It is a unique title and worth a look. Steam has D4 on sale until August 17th for $11.24.  If you’re interested in further information about Dark Dreams, Don’t Die, check out our review of the game.


Parasite Eve is one of those games unlike anything you’ve ever played before, and sadly there’s nothing like it that has come after. The sequel got rid of the unique combat system in favor of becoming a boring watered down Resident Evil Clone. While The 3rd Birthday was enjoyable, it’s unfortunate that the second game was taken as canon. Parasite Eve; however still stands as one of the greatest role-playing sci-fi experiences in my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is sick of repetitive grindy titles. Aya Brea is an NYPD rookie, called into a disturbance within a local theater. Upon arriving there, the entertainer on stage bursts into flames, leaving a large crater. Aye pursues her and discovers something far more sinister is brewing within the genetic makeup of every human being. Parasite Eve is only $2.99 on PSN. Get it!


Ashley Riot, accused of a murder he didn’t commit. He’s thrown in prison and must now escape. Pursuing the actual murderer, he must clear his name. Utilizing acquired skills, and magic obscura, Ashley will come up against all sorts of horrific creatures, summoned to bar his way. With an amazingly unique and somewhat frustrating battle system, Vagrant Story is certainly an experience every roleplaying fan should experience. I’ve still yet to beat it sadly, as the game is huge and easy to get lost in. It’s still worth experiencing. Go get it from PSN for $2.99 now. Totally worth it.


The world has been shattered, and it’s up to you to put it back together. Traveling from world to world, you will retrieve pieces of Fa’Diel and restore the mana tree. Possibly the best ever conceived action roleplaying title in history, Legend of Mana brought something new to the gaming world. With colourful characters, addictive gameplay, imaginative bosses and the unique world building system, Legend of Mana is the definitive title that started the entire “Mana” series, and still to this day remains the best one. Combining the best of action RPGs, and side-scrolling action, everyone longing for the days when Squaresoft was just Square should grab this from PSN. It’s only $2.99 right now.

That’s it for this week. The PSN Square Enix sale only lasts until next week, so get in there and grab those classic titles. You really must try Parasite Eve and Legend of Mana. Two of the most unique games to ever hit the PlayStation. Thanks for reading!

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