Rocket League Weekly: 8/15/2015 Edition


It’s been a big week for Rocket League; we’ve had new DLC and a substantial update.  The update has added a whole range of new features and fixed a few issues as well. Let’s get started with the DLC shall we?

Supersonic Fury DLC

The DLC gives players two new vehicles, the American Muscle car Dominus and the Street Racer Takumi. Along with these cars, you will get; six new decals, five new paint types and also two new boosts. The DLC costs $3.99 on both Steam and PSN. Reasonably cheap considering what is included.  I hope this is the way they continue with DLC, as it manages to keep the game fresh without splitting the community. I don’t fancy a Battlefield situation where they purposely split the community, and it ends up with empty servers!


Psyonix released the 1.04 update on Wednesday, mostly to prepare the game for the imminent DLC but also some major features were added. The biggest of these updates was the addition of a spectator mode, giving players the ability to watch games. This adds endless possibilities the competitive side of Rocket League as there could be dedicated “Camera” men so to speak. Giving the game a competitive sport like feel. Wait a few months and we’ll see Rocket League competitions on BT Sports with Adrian Chiles commentating…..  *Shudders*

The update also saw the addition of a new map Utopia. A Greek like arena, with horns blaring each time you score. At first I wasn’t too keen on it, it felt a lot smaller than the other maps, and the brightness of the arena made it hard to see boost pickups. Now I’ve spent a little more time with it the smaller size of the map makes it more suitable to 1v1 and 2v2 game modes. I feel Utopia will likely be quite a popular choice for players that prefer smaller games. Seventy new flags were also added as well as a few “Sorry” items, as an apology for the server issues that plagued the game in its first week of release. One of the items is an awesome set of skull rims with the apt name “Server Gate”. Psyonix have done an awesome job of showing their commitment to Rocket League and the community, releasing both free and paid content is a brilliant move. Oh and you can now view your friends cars when you are in a lobby, giving you the chance to show your car off or even customise them to match. A full list of changes is here.


Reddit Tournament

There is a great community over at Reddit where loads of like-minded, enthusiastic Rocket League players discuss and talk about the game.  They are currently in the process of finding people for the first Reddit Open Tournament. Anyone with a team of three friends can enter, and the competition will start towards the end of August. Go here for more details. Even if you don’t have a group of friends to play with I imagine there will be other people on the sub-Reddit looking for a team so just introduce yourself!

Community Highlights

Buhms absolutely nails this wall rebound, the power that comes from that first hit is all kinds of awesome!

Kimokik nails this air shot, just the right amount of boost~

YouTuber Seismic White uploaded this montage of Sad Junior, Kronovi and Gibbs. Undoubtedly three of the best players the community has seen so far. Seismic has already uploaded quite a few well-produced videos, definitely worth subscribing.

Random Tip Of the Week

I noticed a few people asking how to bring up the chat on PlayStation 4 while browsing Reddit, so I thought I’d let you know how. All you have to do is press down the touchpad, and you can send any custom message you wish. As long as there isn’t any profanity of course! You can also do it between games by moving the cursor up to the chat box.

That’s this week over and done with. If there’s anything, you’d like me to talk about or add to the weekly piece then just let me know in the comments!

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