Gaming on a Budget: 8/27/2015 Edition

This week on Gaming on a Budget: 8/27/2015 Edition we’re RPG crazy. This one is likely our most expensive edition yet, but it truly is worth it. We hope you enjoy this week’s picks.
Pillars of pillars

Pillars of Eternity is an amazingly in depth CRPG that harkens back to the old days of Neverwinter Nights, Planescape and Baldur’s Gate. This throwback RPG showed that those unique experiences still exist in the modern gaming landscape. Pillars features a fantastic combat system, an unorthodox status system, and some interesting characters. Pillars of Eternity, more importantlyis a great roleplaying experience. The game focuses on the exploits of the Watcher—a being who can read people’s pasts—who must restore the flow of time and death. It is, without a doubt, one of Obsidian Entertainment’s very best. Now here’s the kicker. While it’s worth the price and value, Pillars is currently on sale until the end of tomorrow for just $30.14. The sale is to commemorate the launch of the White March DLC. Interested?  Check out our review.


Grandia II Anniversary Edition puts you in the shoes of a Geohound, a man willing to do anything to make a few dollars known as Ryudo. It’s this recklessness that gets him entangled with a quest to save the world from Valmar. This modernized classic features a host of colorful, interesting characters and the same great battle system from the first game. You’ll cancel, interrupt and destroy your way through enemy after enemy in a bid to save the church of Granas from destruction. Thousands of years ago, Granas and Valmar split the land with their battle; now it’s up to you to finish the fight. Grandia II is a fun little JRPG that will get your nostalgia pumping. It’s the best it’s ever looked on Steam, far superior to the Dreamcast and the PS2 versions. Grab it from Steam for just $14.99. You won’t be disappointed. Sale lasts until August 31.


Child of Light received flack from the community for being a Ubisoft developed game. The swirl of bad press from Assassin’s Creed Unity pushed Child Of Light under the radar. This gorgeous platformer meets RPG tells the story of Aurora, a little girl who wakes up in Lemuria. The land is fraught with wonder and danger, and she must have her wits about her if she is to survive. The Ubisoft Montreal developed game features intelligent puzzles, a unique turn-based roleplaying system, and a fantastic world to explore. The game’s presentation is impeccable featuring soft watercolor backdrops that demand your attention and a beautiful soundtrack from Coeur de Pirate. Child of Light is just $14.99 on PSN right now, or $6.00 for PlayStation Plus members.

Strike Suit

Strike Suit Zero is a fun little space shooter, in the vein of titles like Colony Wars, Project Sylpheed and the dogfights in Elite: Dangerous. You are given the titular Strike Suit to pilot. The Strike Suit, with Control’s help, is far more advanced than any other ship. No other ship has the maneuverability and firepower of it. The catch is it has to charge, and that takes time. Once that timer is up, though, you’ll be dealing insane amounts of damage! That burst only lasts a short while thus contributing to the game’s difficulty curve. Strike Suit Zero, inspired by Japanese mecha anime, is a brutal space shooter that will reward and frustrate you. The Director’s Cut is only $19.99 on PSN right now while it’s just $8.00 for Playstation Plus members. This PSN sale ends on September 2, so get the games while you can.

That’s it for this week. The last game wasn’t a roleplaying title, but it’s a still a great one. I suggest you give it a go. You’ll enjoy it. Thanks for reading.

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