R. Mika Tags Into Street Fighter 5

Capcom announced earlier today that fan-favorite character Rainbow Mika (aka R. Mika) would be joining the cast of the upcoming Street Fighter 5. R. Mika first joined the franchise’s expansive roster of world warriors in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and brings to the game her unique pro wrestling fighting style and flamboyant personality, here employed with Mika’s ability to appeal to her ringside fans for a temporary increase the power of her special attacks.

In Street Fighter 5, Mika is joined by her tag-team partner Nadeshiko, who can be called into the heat of combat by using the game’s new V-Trigger system. By manipulating both Mika and Nadeshiko the player can set up devastating combo attacks that can catch their foes off guard by attacking with devastating grapples and throws from two different angles at one.

Her V-Skill, known as “Mic Performance” has the grappler try to fire up the crowd with rousing speech. So, while she’s cutting a promo, she has armor enough for a single hit and while the button to activate is held down she’ll continue speaking until hit. The longer this goes on the stronger her normal attacks and throws get. Once it’s over she’ll even toss the microphone at her opponent. It is very reminiscent of a recent edition to LabZero’s Skullgirls, Beowulf.  R.Mika’s V-Trigger calls upon her tag-team partner, Nadeshiko, to step in as an assist from Neutral (Nadeshiko attacks from above), hold back (which delivers a dropkick to the front) and hold forward (dropkick from behind). It becomes a guessing game that can be tough for an opposing warrior to choose in the heat of the moment. Some interesting command grabs and mix-ups are guaranteed with R. Mika.

Street Fighter 5, which hits stores sometime next year and will be playable at this year’s upcoming PAX Prime event, will feature a plethora of characters both old and new including Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Vega, M. Bison, Birdie, Charlie Nash, and newcomers Necalli and R. Mika. The rest of us who aren’t in attendance can test out the Street Fighter V beta as Capcom has brought the servers back online starting at 4 PM PT and they will remain live until September 2nd at 7 AM PT. Get back to the lab, kid. Time to get good.

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