Rocket League Weekly: 8/29/2015 Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of Rocket League Weekly, it is once again a bit quiet compared to other weeks. Regardless of this let’s get on with proceedings.

SteamOS and Mac version in Development

Psyonix announced they were looking to develop for other platforms not too long ago; it looks like a SteamOS and Mac version of the game are on their way shortly. This is probably not the announcement that many were expecting, I honestly thought we were going to hear something about a Xbox One version. Especially as the game is available on Windows, with cross splay coming between Windows 10 and Xbox One in the near future.  Steam and Psyonix have also struck an excellent deal in which anyone that pre-orders Steam hardware will receive a free copy of Rocket League. Pretty tidy!

One Million Sales via Steam

One Million sales seems like a small number compared to some triple A titles, but for Psyonix this is a big deal. I hadn’t even heard of the game until it launched on PS+, I didn’t see an ounce of marketing or hype. To go from that to a million sales in just a few months is pretty impressive. I imagine this is just one milestone among many it will likely collect in the future, as the community continues to grow. Suppose we should just go along for the ride.

Community Highlights

Taco_Dunkey scores his first aerial in style. Ooooosshhhhh.

Propertinny was showing us some majestic aerial dribbling. This goals is really visually pleasing, playing it on repeat is almost relaxing.

Tips & Tricks

I’ve found myself making use of the reverse function recently. If you are unable to turn around, just reverse backward and backflip, You will be surprised by how much ground you can often cover just by doing this, often giving you the chance to retreat into defence very rapidly.

Reddit Weekly Challenge

Reddit user MrLittleThor has come up with the idea of a weekly challenge for the Reddit community. Users have to perform certain tasks and then upload a video to see who does it the best. Even if you can’t upload a video, you can still try and do it yourself anyway. This week’s challenge is pulling off some of the best assists you can, if you’re interested check it out here.

That’s all I’ve got this week, once again it is a bit quieter than usual. All these quiet weeks are hopefully leading up to some big news announcements. Until then, have fun Rocketeers.

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