Ace Attorney 6 Coming to the 3DS

Ace Attorney 6

Capcom have announced that the next entry in the popular Ace Attorney series is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. There are very few details on Ace Attorney 6 as of yet, but we do know that it will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. The initial information was a leak through the website & magazine famed Japanese games publication Famitsu though Capcom earlier went on to confirm the leak.  Alongside this, Capcom also revealed that Ace Attorney 6 is getting a Western release. Translations of the leaked article point to the game taking place outside of Japan (a series first), faster gameplay and the return of a particular fan-favorite character.


Ace Attorney has garnered a large following for its quirky and original gameplay. The game is also well known for it’s lovable main character, Phoenix Wright. A dedicated and hard-working lawyer that always fights till the end for his clients. While there is no word on a release date yet, we’ll likely hear more during the Tokyo Game Show. Expect a 2016 release date though this does beg the question? What of the Great Ace Attorney? The arguably more intriguing prequel to the entire series featuring Sherlock Holmes, vampire prosecutors and new gameplay features might not ever see Western shores. Fans of the long-running series have more to look forward to soon either way.

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