Gaming on a Budget: 9/4/2015 Edition

This week on Gaming on a Budget, it’s an all PC edition as there are some great sales going about, both on the Humble Store and all over the net. Among the numerous deals out there are two of my personal favorite shooters of all time, and a little bit of horror here and there. We hope you enjoy!

Red Fact

The Humble Store is currently having a sale on the entire Red Faction series though the first two are the only ones worth your time. Red Faction tells the story of Earth; minerals depleted to dangerous levels and humanity looking out into the solar system for escape. The colonization of Mars has begun but a mysterious plague is sweeping among the workers of the red planet and no-one is sure why. The series debut features destructible environments along with the revolutionary geo-mod playground. Red Faction was an intense first person shooter that caused one to think while playing.

Red Faction II takes place a few years after the first. Mars is developing their resources and becoming somewhat independent from Earth. The player takes on the role of an explosives expert (giving the precedent for carnage and mayhem of all kinds). The player must carry out the wisehs of the Commonwealth, completing missions, all the while discovering that something isn’t quite as it seems. The Processed seem to be the future of Mars, and mankind is becoming obsolete, replaced by these hulking monstrosities.

The first two Red Faction titles are fantastic, and considering the price of just $11.99, worth getting the whole collection just for them. Red Faction Guerilla was okay, I guess. It had a lot of gameplay design issues, and the difficulty level ramps up far too quick, but it wasn’t terrible. As for Red Faction: Armageddon? It’s a somewhat generic third person shooter, except the Geo Gun. Being able to reform destroyed terrain was cool, but ultimately the story and mechanics are as generic as the Gears of War series. The whole collection ends in 2 days time at the date of writing this, so it will likely only last til the end of the day this is published. Get in quick. Red Faction and Red Faction II alone are worth it!


First Encounter Assault Recon, AKA F.E.A.R. was a nifty little horror game that incorporated the best elements of previous similar titles. F.E.A.R. put players in the shoes of the Pointman. The mission? Enter a military compound where all sorts of freaky experiments occurred with the paranormal. Add in an incredibly gifted young girl ripped straight from every Japanese horror film you’ve ever seen—Alma- to the mix with a dash of bullet time from Max Payne too! F.E.A.R. was a genuinely pretty freaky title. Unfortunately the later titles failed to capitalize on such a creepy premise, even going so far as to include a rape scene that no-one remembers. F.E.A.R. is available from the Humble store for just $2.49. It’s a little outdated, but worth a look for horror fans. It is still one of the best examples of horror out there. Sale ends at the same time as Red Faction.

That’s it for this week guys. Do give F.E.A.R. a chance. It’s still good, even if Project Origin was disappointing. Red Faction Guerilla isn’t terrible, but the first two in the series are the highlights. Thanks for reading.

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