Rock Band 4 Road Crew Unveiled

Rock Band 4 developer Harmonix has announced the Rock Band 4 Road Crew program in months leading up to the release of their new title in October. Rock Band Road Crew essentially lets you act as a rep for Harmonix by hosting and promoting the new game around release. You’d almost be like one of those Tupperware salespeople from the 80’s, but instead of a load of plastic tubs you get a free and full Rock Band experience out of it. Road Crew opened for registration on the 31st of August and those who apply will find out if they are a part of it by the 16th of September.


To qualify you must be able to host parties, be active on social media, create content and blogs around the game, and mostly be eager to spread word about the Rock Band experience. Those who are most active will be rewarded with gifts such as DLC and merchandise. This seems like a win-win for all those involved — free stuff for fans and free marketing for Harmonix. The scheme is available to all states in the U.S., the district of Columbia, and Canada (but not Quebec). Harmonix is looking to expand the scheme in the future. If you are interested in signing up head over here.

We recently had the chance to interview Harmonix PR Lead Nick Chester on for the forthcoming release of Rock Band 4 — you can check that out here.

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