League of Legends – The Road to Worlds: EU Team Previews

With all the teams from Europe and North America now confirmed it’s time to have a look at the teams and players that will represent the West in Europe in this year’s League of Legends World Championship. We’ll start with the home teams hoping to secure victory on their own turf.

Seed 1: Fnatic

Line Up: Huni, Reignover, Febiven, Rekkles, YelloWStaR

YelloWStaR, captain of Fnatic, will be hoping to lead his team to victory on home soil.

YelloWStaR, captain of Fnatic, will be hoping to lead his team to victory on home soil.

Fnatic will be the team that most EU supporters will look to as their best chance at bringing home the championship. As the only team to have won the trophy from Europe, way back in the first season of the game, they will be looking to repeat the feat. While Fnatic will likely be cautious of the biggest Chinese and Korean teams, as they are known to be the strongest in the world at the moment, their own pair of Korean stars will be looking to make an impact. Huni and Reignover have asserted their dominance in Europe and will be hoping to do so on the global stage. YelloWStaR will also be looking to use his experience to lead the team to victory, looking after the team in the support role. Fnatic will be hoping that they can show the world why they were undefeated in the normal summer split this year.

Seed 2: H2k-Gaming

Line Up: Odoamne, loulex, Ryu, Hjarnan, kaSing

Ryu will be looking to assert himself in the mid lane at worlds this year.

Ryu will be looking to assert himself in the mid lane at worlds this year.

H2K Gaming may have been seen by many as the surprise package in Europe this year. In their maiden year, they have managed to break into worlds, and unlike Origen they are not made up of big name superstars. A team that is very much greater than the sum of its parts, H2K have the ability to ask questions of the strongest teams in their region. Ryu is very good on his day, with the Korean mid laner being crucial in the teams success. Hjarnan is also crucial in H2K doing so well, with the marksman going above and beyond the call of duty to bring games under their control. While H2K may not be able to break the strongest teams at worlds, including Fnatic, they will be hoping to give a good account of themselves on home turf.

Seed 3: Origen

Line Up: sOAZ, Amazing, xPeke, Niels, Mithy


xPeke will be looking to double his world championship wins with his team.

From the Championship series to the World Championships, xPeke has led his new team to great things in their maiden year. Origen will be hoping that their team of individual talent can come together to perform well against the best teams in the world, although they have looked weak at times. Having to run the gauntlet of qualification would have put additional strain on the team, especially having to claw back from behind to defeat a plucky and resilient ROCCAT team.

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