The Witcher 3’s First Expansion Release Date Revealed

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3‘s first expansion, Hearts of Stone, has been given a release date. The first of two planned expansions will release on October 13th, with a level thirty minimum level recommendation. Hearts Of Stone sees Geralt taking on the notorious Olgierd von Everec, who also happens to be immortal. The quest comes with over ten hours of new content including; new monsters, new quests and even a new romance. This new romantic option will have no bearing on your relationship with Triss and/or Yennifer it seems. Blood and Wine, the second of the planned DLC’s, will introduce a new area to the community along with twenty hours of playable quests. We will likely hear more of the DLC towards the end of the year, as it is slated for an earlier 2016 release.

Hearts of Stone comes after an incredibly successful run of free DLC offered by CD Projekt Red, which included everything from new haircuts to full side quests. That commitment to the community saw The Witcher 3 sell over six million copies, outselling both of the previous titles in the series. CD Projekt Red also plan to release a limited edition physical copy of Hearts of Stone. The limited edition copy will include two decks of Gwent cards as well as the rules to play the game. Physical versions of the in-game card battler topped the list of the most requested things by fans and the Poland-based developer has done so as a big “Thank you!” to all its supporters.

The Witcher 3

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