Rocket League Weekly: 9/13/15 Edition


Welcome to another addition of Rocket League Weekly. I made the decision to make this a biweekly article rather than once a week.There just wasn’t enough content to cover every week, so this way I can have more interesting and rich articles rather than padding everything out. This week brings some big news in the way of a new update and online modes. Let’s get started.

Patch V1.05

Patch 1.05 has brought us a whole load of fixed and minor improvements, unlike the last big one that added a bunch of content. One of the most important additions is the ability for PC players to filter out those playing on PS4. This is something that has been available on the PS4 for absolutely ages. Now PC users will be able to get rid of those annoying console players. The real bonus of this is that PC and PS4 cross-play can be a little unreliable at times, especially as the PS4’s net card is comprised of two bits of bread glued together. Giving PC users, the option to choose more reliable opponents while playing online. There is now a video feature when starting the game that will be used to post community highlights as well as developer videos. This is a great way for Psyonix to inform the Rocket League community of news and also share a spotlight with the best players in the community. Expect to see Kronovski on that community video fairly regularly.  Whilst fixes are great; free content is king. Psyonix has added more flags and antennas giving you even more ways to make your car look ridiculously silly. A full list of all the fixes can be found here

Season One of Online play

The first season of online play has not officially begun; giving people a reason to play ranked servers.  Season one introduces the addition of divisions. You will shift up and down the division based on your RP. RP is made up of team and player skill and is also affected by opponent skill. Those players that make their way into the higher divisions will earn extra items and rewards. While there is no fixed length for the first season, it will likely last a couple of months. Pysonix has already said that they will announce the end of the season a few weeks in advance, giving players a last minute chance to squeeze some more RP in. Solo 3v3 matches have also returned, to celebrate the return of the season. This gives people without a party, the opportunity to enjoy the best game mode.

Community Highlights


Tormenter007 drops a quality aerial goal, from a fairly nails position. Major respect.

Roonerth does the dirty and accidentally ends up clearing the goal. Luck or awesome future-telling powers? You be the judge.

What I Want to See

Psyonix has been pretty on the ball with updates since release, bringing us loads of fixes and adding community requested features. This is absolutely great but there is still one feature I want to see,  and that is cross-play parties. The ability to be able to play online in a party with my friends on PC would be absolutely brilliant. Make it happen Psyonix, please?

That’s all for this weeks chunk of Rocket League Weekly; we will be back in a few weeks updating you with even more news.

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